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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Essential Employees & Drug Overdose: A Real Problem Facing Healthcare Workers

Apr 26, 2021 in Articles by

Drug overdoses have been a problem for a long time, but in recent months drug overdose occurrences have been on the rise, in particular overdose deaths related to opioid abuse. With a variety of drugs available and the stress of an ongoing pandemic, essential workers are at great risk of substance abuse and drug overdose. As our healthcare system continues to be strained throughout the pandemic, we are putting our essential healthcare workers at great risk once again when they need support and security. We can help by advocating for support for mental health, reducing the stigma of substance abuse […]

Challenges Face COVID-19 ‘Long-Haulers’ in Pursuit of Disability Insurance Benefits

Apr 19, 2021 in Articles by

It has been more than a year since we first learned of COVID-19 and experienced an ever-changing and challenging world. Our medical professionals, doctors and surgeons have been rightfully hailed as heroes throughout the pandemic as they seek ways to treat symptoms and prevent the spread of COVID-19. At Seltzer & Associates, we honor and thank our medical professionals for all they do to protect our community health while putting themselves at risk for exposure to infectious diseases including COVID-19.  As time goes on we learn more about the effects on COVID-19 “long-haulers,” defined as people who experience lingering side […]