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Monthly Archives: October 2022

Dealing with the Holidays and Your Disability Insurance Claim

Accidents, illnesses, and disabilities can occur at any time of the year. While there is no good time to experience any of these setbacks, the holidays may present a particular set of challenges while dealing with your disability insurance claim, especially if it is new to you. Regardless of the time of year, Seltzer & Associates is available to handle your claim for disability insurance benefits and guide you through this time of uncertainty.  Leaving Your Medical Practice Behind at the Holidays As a physician, you may be concerned about how your absence from your practice will affect your colleagues, […]

Exercise and Maintaining Your Disability Insurance Benefits

Every disability is unique to the individual patient, despite common diagnoses. While commonalities help treating physicians create their treatment plans with a certain level of confidence, your own responses and progress during treatment will guide your physician in your long-term care plan.  Your treatment for your disabling condition may include a variety of therapies, medications, and other protocols. While experienced doctors and healthcare professionals may expect a certain level of exercise and physical therapy to be part of a treatment protocol, early success in exercise or physical therapy regimes may lead to a termination of disability insurance benefits. The insurance […]

Understanding Covid Brain Fog’s Impact on the Medical Community

Oct 17, 2022 in COVID-19 by

Covid brain fog is a misunderstood but significant lingering symptom of Covid. It is more than fatigue or exhaustion that long-haulers suffer from. Not much research was initially given to the disabling impairment of Covid brain fog, but as we learn more about long-hauler suffering and the lasting impact of this unprecedented disease, the severity of Covid brain fog becomes apparent.  Since Covid brain fog may be mistaken for other impairments or wrapped up with other long-term symptoms, obtaining disability insurance benefits for Covid brain fog can be challenging. Seltzer & Associates has been on the front lines of the […]