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Monthly Archives: August 2023

Advantages of Individual Disability Insurance for Physicians

Many professionals ensure they have disability insurance coverage when they start a new job. With several employer benefits being set for confirmation and renewal, many employees do not conduct a thorough review of their coverage annually despite changing needs over time. It is a good idea to review your policies¬† Another option should your employer-offered disability insurance policies not meet your needs, is to purchase your own policies outside the group plan. There are a number of advantages to having an individual disability insurance policy, notably being able to take your policy with you should you change jobs as well […]

Short-Term Disability Insurance Benefits for Doctors Facing Their Own Surgical Treatment

Anyone can get sick or injured at any time, including doctors. When illness or injury occurs, it is imperative to get the necessary medical treatment to aid in recovery, which sometimes includes surgery and ongoing care. As a doctor, you are well aware of frequent timeframes for the recovery of surgical patients. Recovery cannot be rushed, and the patient will return to daily activities and work activities when their health allows. Many doctors even prohibit their patients from returning to the workplace so that proper recovery can be well underway or complete by the time the patient does return to […]