You’re injured or sick and your ability to work has been restricted. You purchased Individual Disability Insurance hoping you would never actually need it, but now you do. It’s time to apply for your disability benefits, do you know how to proceed? Let the team at Seltzer & Associates assist you in this complicated task and guide you through this difficult and complicated claim process.

Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late

It is important to begin the process of filing your claim for disability benefits as quickly as possible. Your policy will have notice requirements specifying how much time you have to file a claim. Waiting too long can decrease your chances of successfully obtaining Individual Disability Insurance benefits due to your injury or sickness or reduce the amount of benefits you may be able to obtain.

Provide the Appropriate Information

When filing a claim for disability benefits, you are required to provide the insurance company with proof of loss. In an Individual Disability Insurance claim, proof of loss includes statements from you regarding your disability and forms from your doctor explaining how your disabling condition in some way restricts or limits your ability to perform your important duties and earn income. Careful preparation in the early stages of your claim is essential and can help you avoid common, often critical, mistakes in submitting this information. It is essential for you to thoroughly explain your medical condition and occupation. It is most important your company understands and accepts the nexus between your medical condition and how it negatively impacts your ability to perform your material and substantial duties at work.

One of the most significant challenges individuals face in the claims submission process is getting the necessary medical records and information to the disability insurance company. The documentation necessary may be different from your doctor’s standard office notes. We will work with you and your doctor to make sure all necessary and pertinent information is provided to your disability insurance company.

Remember, your claim will be scrutinized by your disability insurance company’s team for any possible defect or inadequacy so as to end in a denial and you must understand all information, from telephone conversations with the company, to medical records submitted, will become part of the disability insurance company’s file. Therefore it is important to have competent legal counsel experienced in handling Individual Disability Insurance claims assist you. We will guide you through the process and help you file your claim in the most effective and strongest possible way with the highest likelihood of being approved and paid by your disability insurance company.

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