Understanding the Important Policy Provisions In Your Long-Term Disability Insurance Contract

It is important to understand your policy is a contract, which must be satisfied in order to obligate your disability insurance carrier to pay you disability benefits. While you may think this is easy to understand, your disability insurance company will require that each definition, each provision, every line and every word in your policy be satisfied in accordance with the position of its claims department before it will be obligated to pay you disability benefits. Therefore, it is important that you fully understand your policy and what is required to obtain the benefits you seek under your policy.

Some of the important policy provisions include:

  • Total Disability and Residual Disability
  • Own Occupation and Any Occupation
  • Appropriate Physician’s Care

Additionally, many long-term disability insurance policies contain specific policy limitations and exclusions. When you have suffered a disabling sickness or injury, it is important to understand how each of these policy provisions work together and affect one another. It can often be a confusing process to understand what you are entitled to and how to obtain the appropriate benefits, especially at this time in your life when you are suffering a severe medical condition and in need of your benefits.

Let Seltzer & Associates analyze the specific policy provisions as they appear in your policy and apply to your unique situation. Your employer provided you long-term disability insurance to assist you in focusing on your health and getting back to work when you suffer a sickness or injury; however, your insurance company is a business looking to protect its profits. At Seltzer & Associates, after careful review and analysis, we will work for you to obtain the disability insurance benefits you deserve.