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If you are considering filing an individual or group disability claim, need help maintaining a claim, have had a claim denied or terminated, or need assistance with your disability insurance company, contact us.


Addictions & Substance Use Problems

We have established a legal practice dedicated specifically to addressing the unique concerns of professionals suffering from the disease of addiction…
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Psychiatric and Psychological Impairments

Many of the claims we handle involve healthcare providers and other professionals who suffer from psychiatric illnesses along with other co-existing disorders…
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Physiological Impairments

We understand the debilitating and disabling impact caused by physiological conditions…
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Insurance Companies & Third Party Administrators

Mark F. Seltzer & Associates has successfully represented clients in over 40 states in claims and disputes involving most insurance companies around the country…
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Dedicated to Helping

Dedicated to helping physicians and professionals with disability insurance claims. We are also litigating cases against disability insurance companies for breach of contract, bad faith, and other causes of action.

Our services include

  • Filing and processing and maintaining disability claims.
  • Representing clients who have had their claims denied or terminated.
  • Negotiating settlements.
  • Reviewing disability policies.

Welcome to Mark F. Seltzer & Associates

The experienced team at the Law Offices of Mark F. Seltzer & Associates is nationally recognized for excellence in achieving quick, favorable results on behalf of physicians, dentists, professionals, and business executives filing private disability insurance claims.

We represent physicians, lawyers, executives, dentists, chiropractors, psychologists, podiatrists, nurses, and other professionals suffering injuries and illnesses – including addiction, psychiatric/psychological disorders and physiological conditions. Our team is focused on getting the right results as quickly as possible, with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.