Disability for Medical Professionals

Our team of lawyers, paralegals, and support staff, along with the best consultants and experts nationally available, has the knowledge and experience in representing medical professionals in your claims for individual disability and long-term disability insurance benefits.

We understand each client and each claim is unique, we handle each client on an individual basis. We spend the time necessary to know and understand the uniqueness of your specialty and your specific practice, and the impact your disabling medical condition has on your life and your practice.

Common Disabilities Affecting Medical Professionals

Medical professionals most often perform highly intensive job responsibilities and work-related duties. Your jobs often require working long and unusual hours, making sacrifices in your personal lives, and having to balance your personal and professional life. There is also a tremendous amount of stress associated with caring for each and every one of your patients. Unfortunately, over time, performing your duties at the high level required, especially in today’s work environment of managed care, lower third-party reimbursements, and the scrutiny of many interested parties in your treatment, compromises your psychological and physiological wellbeing. It is increasingly more common to incur a host of orthopedic conditions, mental nervous conditions, as well as a multitude of addictions which prevent you from caring for your patients, and which negatively affect a medical professional’s ability to work. It is important for medical professionals to recognize and understand when your own medical conditions begin to negatively impact your performance at work, resulting in a loss of income.

How Seltzer & Associates Can Help You

Through the experience and knowledge we have acquired in representing hundreds of claims over the years, we understand the relationship between your specific practice, your disability insurance contract, and your disabling medical condition. Our team will assist you in obtaining all the disability benefits to which you are entitled under your policies.

We help you focus on restoring your health and the other major issues you encounter as a result of being disabled, while we take care of the financial burden one suffers as a result of disability. Contact us at 888-699-4222 to speak with one of our attorneys today.