Disability Insurance Law

Understanding Disability Insurance, An Overview

You purchased individual disability insurance, your employer provided you long-term disability insurance as part of your benefit package, and now you are sick or injured. What happens when you suffer a disabling injury or sickness? You expect your disability benefits to provide a financial security blanket for your family while you seek treatment and take care of yourself.

If only it was that simple. While you seek the financial protections promised to you when you purchased your disability insurance, the company seeks to increase its profits. At Seltzer & Associates, we understand how difficult navigating the disability claim process can be and how important your claim is for you and your family.

If you do not understand the challenges and difficulties involved in filing and maintaining a disability claim, the process can be a long and disheartening one. The attorneys at Seltzer & Associates can help you in each step of the process, from submitting a claim for benefits, to handling and maintaining your claim, appealing your denied or terminated claim, and filing suit against your insurance company.

Types of Disability Insurance

It is important to understand there are two types of disability insurance. Individual disability insurance is private disability insurance you purchased and is generally governed by state law. Long-term disability insurance is disability insurance provided to you as an employee benefit from your employer and is almost always governed by the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). While there are many similarities between these two types of disability insurance, there are also some drastic differences and they are important to understand. From the duration of your potential benefits period to specific policy provisions in each unique disability policy, it is important to know and understand your policy provisions. Let the team at Seltzer & Associates assist you at this challenging time.

Avoid Confusion

  • Are you ready to submit an individual or long-term disability insurance claim?
  • Has your disability claim been denied?
  • Were your benefits terminated?

Contact the experienced team at Seltzer & Associates for a consultation today. Our attorney’s will review your policy and claim to assist you at this challenging time.