Here’s what our clients have to say about working with Seltzer & Associates (names have been omitted to protect our clients’ privacy):

Hi Dominick,
You and Beth have been marvelous, I couldn’t have asked for any better service. I will definitely steer others your direction knowing the great service I received.

Dr. C.

Just a note of thanks and gratitude for what you have done for me. Your plan and your persistence, yet, patience, insured the success of the appeal. I want to express my gratitude as this certainly makes things easier. My experience with you is another aspect of this saga which I greatly appreciate and will remain indelible THANK YOU very much,
Dr. L.

Words cannot express the thanks I want to convey to you and Beth. It was you who gave us hope at moments of despair. You were the one that encouraged me to keep on going. You provided the guidance needed as we traveled through a maze of challenges. Newton’s Third Law of Physics states that for every action there is an equal reaction. Thank God, you and your team were the reaction to the insurance company’s actions. In the end, we prevailed. …I’m not sure you realize what a big impact your efforts had on our lives. May God bless you all. Thank you again.

Dear Mark,
I want to thank you for all the support and counsel you have provided me over the years.
You have truly made it possible for me to successfully navigate my course through these rough waters.
Dr. K.

I would like to thank you for the excellent service that you gave my case. In 2011, I developed a back condition that prevented me from working. I had disability insurance but had heard multiple horror stories about disability insurance and I was not sure what the future held for my family and me. I was given a recommendation and met with Mark Seltzer [and his team]. They were incredible. They had reviewed my information before they met me. Both of them felt that I would have no problem getting disability and made my wife and I less apprehensive. They stuck with me through all the meetings and IME and continued to assure us. Everything worked out fine just like that said it would. Eventually my case was handed off to another attorney who continued their excellent work. I also had two assistants Terita Reeve and Sage Smith who helped me stay organized and made sure everything was done properly. I cannot express how thankful I am to your firm.

Disability claim
Ethan was highly professional, immensely patient with me, and were it not for his persistence in working with the insurer, long after I had given up, the claim would not have been paid.
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Ethan fought long and hard on my case and never gave in. We knew it might be a challenge but he persisted. I’ve come to know Ethan over the months and can tell you he has been the most compassionate caring attorney I have come across. If you choose to work with Ethan, please know you will be in good hands.
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To the legal team,
Words can’t express my thanks for your dedication and hard work representing me against Northwestern Mutual and their wrongful termination of my disability claim.
I had resigned myself to the fact that fighting corporate entities was a worthless endeavor given the huge resources at their disposal. Thankfully you are equipped to fight these “David vs. Goliath” battles and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
Having Seltzer and Associates, who understand the ins and outs of corporate entities, represent me gave me a reassurance and a willingness to not go down without a fight.
A special thank you to Dominick V. LaGravinese for his representation and Beth Marr for her communication as we plowed through this arduous process.
I will heartedly recommend Seltzer and Associates to any and all colleagues who need help fighting the corporate behemoths.

Please thank your entire team on my behalf for all your expertise in handling my case.
Everyone has been professional, respectful, and efficient.
In my situation, I could not have asked for a better team to represent me.
I am particularly thankful for all your advice, time, and honesty.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Beth for all of your help throughout the disability claim process. You both are very special people and your hard work, professionalism and kindness will not soon be forgotten.

Hi guys,
Thanks for everything you did on my behalf the last 15 months or so. [My wife] and I are pleased and we want to let you know that we feel you were not only hard working on our behalf but also very fair.
I know I would be still on the outside looking in without your efforts.

To all at Seltzer and Associates,
Thank you so much for all your hard work on my behalf and for the care and concern you’ve shown me. I truly appreciate it.

Dear Mark,
Thank you again for all you did for me. It has been greatly appreciated. I will never forget your hard work and kindness.
Wishing you and your firm a very happy Thanksgiving holiday and thanks again for the highest degree of professionalism.

…You, as well as Benjamin, have been prompt, thorough, patient and kind with your requests and responses during this difficult time, to my call and email, along with your own requests, (with no added pressure) without even knowing the biting pain of these circumstances in my life.
I recognize that the efforts of many professionals at Mark Seltzer & Associates put forth on behalf of my disability case have been critical during all the years of representing me. To know your expert, their knowledge and dedication are all there to do the best for me relieves a burden I could never carry, never mind even know how to approach.
Thank you is far from adequate. I can only offer my gratitude and appreciativeness beyond measure for all of your mindful service and consideration…

Thank all of you, from the front desk to EVERYONE in between! All the way to the top, Mark. Thanks so, so much!

Again many thanks to you and the whole team. I won’t forget what all of you (plural) have done for me. … Point is if it weren’t for you guys I couldn’t do this, and I thank you for that more than anything else. Have to remember you got you to where you are.
Good to end positive. With sincere gratitude.

To All,
Thank you so very much for your hard work. I have been treated with such respect and dignity, after many years without either. I am blessed to have you in my corner. I hope you all have a wonderful & safe holiday season.

Dear Ethan,
The check arrived. I’m writing for the three of us … to thank you and the firm for taking on this case. It means a lot that your firm believed in us, and that you represented us so well. You remain top of our list of attorneys should we, or any one we know, have need of an attorney. Please express our thanks to all concerned.

Dear Mark,
[We] were so glad we met you last week. Your time and patience in explaining things to us was so helpful, and also very encouraging. We appreciate that you’ll be helping us, and overseeing our case. We feel so relieved and most grateful to have met you.

Dear Terita,
Your service has been awesome and I have you and Mark to thank for so many of the blessings I have today. Thanks again.
Thank you Ethan. A heck of a journey but worth it in the end. Thanks for all your hard work. No way anyone can go at this alone.

Dear Terita,
…[My husband] and I greatly appreciate all that you and Ethan and other members of your team do for us day in and day out…

I truly appreciate your prompt response to my request for assistance. Mark is extremely fortunate to have you as a team member. You are a pleasure; a great resource with whom to communicate. Keep up the excellent work.

Dear Mark,
The results you achieved for (Dr. Client) and for all of us – mark the culmination of over four years of concern punctuated by anxiety and worry. We are now relieved of this stress. Because of your sensational results and expertise, (Dr. Client) sees hope for a future that many times seemed dark and desolate.
We thank you, Mark, from the bottom of our hearts for your untiring efforts and brilliance. To us, it was a miracle, the answer to years of prayers. Although many of your clients may not see a personal side of you, we have recognized a very caring and thoughtful person who changed the course of (Dr. Client’s) life. We can never forget you or thank you enough.

Dear Mark,
I wanted again to thank Seltzer Law for their success. No matter what obstacles were encountered, everyone remained dedicated and unrelenting in their efforts. When I was called last week about the successful appeal, it really didn’t sink in until minutes after the conversation ended and I cried like a baby. Thank you for your help.

Hi Ethan,
Great news! I know you’ve put exhaustive hours into all of this. I appreciate every bit of your (and your staff’s) hardwork. Finally I’m feeling more positive about mine and my children’s future.

Great Thank you. I really did greatly appreciate your words of encouragement in January and February. It helped a lot. Have a nice Easter.

Dear Mark,
Thank you for a job well done. My work ethic is that honesty is not the way, it’s the ONLY way. You have proven yourself to be highly professional and knowledgeable in the area of disability.
Your expertise is truly amazing and you dealt with my case in such a way that I was completely at ease in every step of the process. In the end, you created a future real and concrete. I am absolutely convinced that without you, it would NEVER have resolved in this positive manner. Once again I do appreciate you and your entire staff.

Dear Mark,
As the new year begins, we want to say “thanks a million” for your help with the insurance buyout. We know that without your expertise and persistence, there would be no settlement.

Dear Mark,
When I bought disability insurance, I did it because my mentors and colleagues insisted I should. I never gave it much thought, and didn’t even bother to read the fine print in my contract. Three years ago, when illness left me unable to work, you and your staff made sure I received the benefits I needed.
I was able to focus on getting well and not my financial survival. Thanks for helping me to achieve a happy outcome.

Dear Mark,
Just a note to let you know how well I think you did on behalf of [my claim]. The way you managed that whole thing was very impressive! In practical terms your work has made the future look much brighter.

Dear Mark,
It’s difficult to express how appreciative I am for your taking our case and for being so caring. Finding someone with your combination of skills and empathy is not only rare, it’s a blessing. The time you spent with us on the phone and today has lowered our anxieties immensely.
I feel like we’re in an Allstate commercial: we’re in good hands! Thanks for being there for us.

Dear Mark,
I just wanted you to know it has been a pleasure to know you as a professional AND as a person! I am very thankful to have you on my side. Thanks again.

Dear Mr. Seltzer,
I would like to thank the entire firm for their excellent service on my behalf. Working with the team has been such a painless process. I remain grateful for your kindness and compassion.

Thank you for all of your help and support with my case. Greatly appreciated! Also pass along my gratitude to Dominick & Beth.

We think of you often. We are more grateful than I can adequately express to have as our champion and protector. Thank you, and your expert staff, for everything you do for us.

Dear Mark,
This letter is way overdue. I want to express our gratitude for your representation in the matter of [my husband’s] disability insurance benefits. We are sure without your assistance we could never have been able to access those benefits which [he] paid into in just such a circumstance that his professional career was compromised and our lives so dramatically changed.
Our many thanks to you and your staff for your professional services over the past years – we sincerely appreciate it.