Long-Term Disability Insurance Claims for Professionals

Are you suffering from an injury or sickness that is preventing you from working? Or has this injury or sickness limited your ability to work? Can you no longer perform all of your job responsibilities or does it take you significantly longer to complete your duties? Are you losing money due to injury or sickness?

If you are a professional with long-term disability insurance provided by your employer, the team of attorney’s at Seltzer & Associates can assist you in filing your claim for disability benefits. Properly filing your claim and providing appropriate and necessary “proof of loss” are critical to achieving success in your long-term disability insurance claim. Contact us immediately to begin the process for submitting your long-term disability insurance claim.

Specialty Coverage for Medical Professionals

Often times, physicians, dentists, psychologists, nurse anesthetists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals have long-term disability insurance policies which cover your inability to perform your specific occupation or your own specialty. When your ability to work in your occupation has been impacted by an injury or sickness it is important for you to understand your policy and know what provisions you must satisfy to obligate your disability insurance company to pay you benefits.

Your policy may contain:

  • “Own Occupation” coverage, your inability, due to your injury or sickness, to perform the material and substantial duties of the occupation you were performing when you became disabled.
  • “Any Occupation” coverage, your inability, due to your injury or sickness, to perform the duties of any gainful occupation for which you are qualified by training, education, or experience.

These provisions can often cause confusion for individuals unfamiliar with them. Additionally, disability insurance companies will often attempt to construct own occupation for medical professionals as something other than limited to the performance of your clinical medical professional duties, such as an entrepreneur, administrator, lecturer, teacher, or chief of staff , thereby changing or modifying your occupation as covered under your “own occupation” coverage. Contact Seltzer & Associates to assist you with your claim and avoid this confusion.