Don’t Underestimate the Value of Philadelphia Depression Lawyers for Medical Professionals

Everyone has times of sadness, stress, or overwhelming feelings from time to time. Stressful situations and intense environments can increase the frequency and severity of these feelings. Medical professionals are not exempt from these moods and feelings, and can find themselves in a depressive state. If you suffer from depression that prevents you from working in your specialty of the medical profession, contact the Philadelphia depression lawyers at Seltzer & Associates to discuss your depression disability claim.  

Making a Depression Disability Claim 

Depression is a serious mental illness affecting one in six individuals at some point in their life. Depression negatively affects the way one thinks, feels, and acts. There are a variety of depressive disorders including postpartum depression which occurs after childbirth, persistent depressive disorder in which depressive symptoms last for at least two years, psychotic depression which results from psychosis, and bipolar disorder. All of these disabling disorders can cause feelings of hopelessness and difficulty in engaging in daily activities including a fulfilling career. 

Seltzer & Associates has experience nationwide working with disability insurance companies to recover disability insurance benefits for its clients. With years of experience working with medical professionals, we are equipped to handle the details of your claim for disability insurance benefits. 

In 2020, the medical field was put to the test with the spread of COVID-19. For medical professionals, especially those on the frontline, mental health was pushed to the breaking point. Depression is a natural side effect from the trauma medical professionals may have experienced, and our Philadelphia depression lawyers are devoted to helping these individuals recover their disability insurance benefits by way of a depression disability claim. 

Disruptive Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of depression that impair medical professionals’ ability to practice medicine and care for patients include negative thoughts, difficulty sleeping, loss of interest in activities, difficulty thinking or concentrating, and thoughts of death or suicide. This impairment can prevent practitioners from effectively providing appropriate medical care to patients. Important research can be derailed, and improvement in medical training delayed. A Philadelphia depression disability lawyer can help you secure benefits can help ease the financial burden of being unable to work due to suffering from depression. 

Treating Depression in Medical Professionals

Treating depression may involve antidepressant medication, as well as therapy and support groups to help the sufferer manage symptoms and work to address risk factors that exacerbate their depression. Psychotherapies that have been used to treat depression include cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and problem-solving therapy. These techniques can help medical personnel manage and overcome debilitating depression. Brain stimulation therapies may also be used to treat depression. 

Since medical professionals have extremely demanding careers, suffering from depression may entirely prevent the ability to perform their specialized areas of medicine, or the treatment protocol for depression may not allow these practitioners to work. Antidepressant medication can have adverse side effects such as fatigue, drowsiness, blurred vision, and nausea, which can prevent a physician from effectively practicing medicine. Therapies may also be conducted in in-patient facilities, or intensive out-patient facilities that prevent the depressed patient from having the ability to return to work. If the sufferer is admitted to a clinical trial for depression, they may be unable to return to an uninterrupted work schedule. 

Regardless of the treatments your medical provider deems best to treat your depression, taking time to engage in treatment and recover is most important. The financial loss from being out of work is stressful. With a Philadelphia Depression Lawyer working on your behalf to aggressively pursue your depression disability claim, your financial security does not need to be another stressor in your life.

Contact Our Philadelphia Depression Lawyers to Learn Your Disability Insurance Benefits

You do not have to suffer from depression alone. While you have your treatment and medical support, utilize legal support from a Philadelphia Depression Attorney with nationwide disability insurance experience. Contact Seltzer & Associates to consult with a Philadelphia depression disability lawyer regarding your disability insurance benefits today.