Philadelphia Schizophrenia Attorney for Physicians

Physicians and other healthcare providers work in fast-paced and stressful environments. At times, stress and other work factors can alter a person’s behavior, perceptions, and ability to work. When schizophrenia prevents physicians from working in the medical field, financial security can be secured with long-term disability insurance benefits. Working with a Philadelphia schizophrenia attorney to pursue your disability insurance benefits can provide you with peace of mind while dealing with your schizophrenia diagnosis and treatment. Seltzer & Associates has worked with insurance companies nationwide to obtain long-term disability insurance benefits for doctors suffering from disabling conditions such as schizophrenia. Do not delay in reaching out to safeguard your future today.

Diagnosing Schizophrenia in Doctors

Diagnosing schizophrenia can be difficult since many symptoms mimic other disorders. In addition, most schizophrenic patients do not exhibit symptoms and are not diagnosed until their late teens or even later into young adulthood. By this time, doctors may have already established their medical career, and schizophrenia completely disrupts their medical practice and ability to care for patients. Altered perceptions, hallucinations, delusions, and thought disorders are all symptoms of schizophrenia that can prevent a doctor from working.

Schizophrenia is often diagnosed after an episode of psychosis. Diagnostic measures for schizophrenia include testing and screening, physical examinations, imaging tests such as MRI or CT, or psychiatric examinations. In addition to these tests, the examiner may also do screenings for substance use to evaluate signs and symptoms. 

Working with a Philadelphia Schizophrenia Attorney

While there are treatments available for schizophrenia that have demonstrated success at allowing patients to work and live a fulfilling life, this is not often the case. Schizophrenia is a disruptive mental disorder requiring continued treatment and support in order for the patient to complete activities of daily life, let alone maintaining employment. The requirements of maintaining a medical practice are strenuous, and those suffering from schizophrenia may not be able to continue their career. Working with a Philadelphia schizophrenia attorney with ample experience in working on disability insurance cases for psychiatric and physiological impairments 

Treating Schizophrenia in Medical Professionals

Schizophrenia can be treated in a number of ways. Common treatments for schizophrenia include antipsychotic medication, behavioral therapy, development of coping skills to promote completing activities and achieving goals, and psychosocial therapy programs. These programs can all be utilized together as a comprehensive treatment plan for schizophrenia.

Maintaining treatment is important for schizophrenia patients. Continuing treatment allows patients to regain some control over their lives. In addition to the above-mentioned therapies and treatments, family education and support programs are important to help the patient as they try to manage their condition. Hiring a long-term disability insurance attorney can help ensure that your focus stays on your treatment and well-being.

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