Philadelphia Psychotic Disorders Attorney for Healthcare Professionals

Psychotic disorders encompass a wide range of disabling mental conditions. These disorders include conditions such as schizophrenia, depression, and disorders related to substance use and abuse. When a doctor suffers from a psychotic disorder, it may be impossible to continue working and caring for patients. Stepping away from a medical career due to a disabling psychotic disorder is difficult enough without the financial concerns regarding loss of income. Working with a Philadelphia psychotic disorders attorney can help doctors gain financial security as they file claims for disability insurance benefits.

Philadelphia Psychotic Disorders Attorney Assisting Doctors Suffering From Psychotic Disorders

Seltzer & Associates specializes in assisting physicians, nurse anesthetists

and other medical professionals with disability insurance claims. Our legal team has extensive experience working with disabled medical professionals pursuing long-term disability insurance benefits. Doctors invest in disability insurance policies, and we assist them in securing those benefits to which they are entitled. We work with insurance companies across the nation to help our clients communicate their restrictions and limitations and meet the burden of proving eligibility for benefits.

Treating Psychotic Disorders in Physicians

Treatment depends on the particular psychotic disorder, the symptoms exhibited, and the severity of the condition. Medication, psychotherapy, and education and support programs are common treatments for psychosis and psychotic disorders. While these treatments can be effective in managing different aspects of the psychotic disorder, medications can come with disruptive and disabling side effects. Medication side effects include both cognitive and physical impairments that can prevent a physician from working.

Intensive treatment plans can disrupt a physician’s schedule to the extent that it becomes impossible to sustain work activity causing a need for long-term disability insurance benefits for financial support. Frequent therapy sessions, rehabilitation, and support programs for treatment and recovery may require significant amounts of time. 

Psychotic Disorders Disrupt Medical Careers

Unfortunately, many people do not understand the limitations that psychotic disorders place on an individual. Maintaining careers, especially those in the field of medicine, can become virtually impossible. Co-occuring substance abuse can further complicate matters for patients with psychotic disorders. We understand how difficult it is for a physicians who experience careers in decline because they suffer from psychotic disorders, and we afford each and every client the dignity and respect they deserve as we fight for their disability insurance benefits.

Some symptoms of psychotic disorders include: hallucinations; delusions; paranoia; difficulty communicating due to disorganized speech and thoughts; withdrawing from friends, family, and social engagements; and difficulty maintaining activities of daily living including bathing and hygiene, preparing foods and eating. These symptoms can significantly disrupt a successful medical career.  Side-effects from treatment and other comorbidities can further the devastating effects.

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