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The Professional’s Philadelphia Disability Insurance Lawyer

Securing Your Disability Insurance Benefits, Upholding Your Rights

As a professional, losing your ability to earn a living because of injury or illness can be a devastating experience. After years of pursuing an education and building a successful career, you have earned the right to take care of your health and well-being without worrying about your financial future. A dedicated private disability insurance law firm, Seltzer & Associates’ sole focus is on securing disability benefits for professionals like you.

Our Disability Insurance Attorneys Understands Your Struggle

When your illness or injury has forced you to stop working completely or only allows you to work part-time in a very limited capacity, it is advisable to seek legal counsel. When you are seeking the payments you are entitled to under your disability insurance policy and find yourself grappling with one of these scenarios:  

  • You are getting ready to file your claim and want to make sure that you get it right. There is much at stake. You need to continue supporting your family. There are bills to pay and obligations to meet. As if your situation was not already challenging enough, you are now trying to cope with the pressures of meeting complicated disability insurance policy requirements while at the same time dealing with the illness or injury that prevents you from working. 
  • You have filed for disability insurance benefits and been denied. You know that you deserve to invoke the benefits of your disability insurance policy but the insurance company disagrees and is refusing to pay. You know that your family’s future depends on getting the appeals filed correctly. 
  • You have been receiving payments under your disability insurance policy for a while, but now the insurance company wants to eliminate or reduce your checks. You know you are over your head so you are looking for the right lawyers to get you through this crisis.

The experienced attorneys at our Philadelphia disability insurance law firm successfully represent physicians and other professionals just like you across the country with their disability insurance issues every day. We are here to help. 

Serving Healthcare Providers and Other Professionals in Philadelphia and Throughout the United States

Since we opened our practice in 1980, disabled professionals both in Pennsylvania and across the country have relied on a Seltzer & Associates Philadelphia disability attorney to help them obtain individual disability insurance benefits and/or group long-term disability benefits. In the last forty years, we have assisted hundreds of licensed professionals and business executives in all matters related to individual disability insurance and long-term disability claims. We regularly represent:




Nurse anesthetists


Other medical professionals




In Professional Disability Matters, Experience Counts

Our attorneys have more than 60 years combined experience practicing disability insurance law and we count among our professional staff an in-house claims consultant who was formerly a principal with a large disability insurance company. Seltzer & Associates bring all the experience and knowledge necessary to handle even the most difficult kinds of disability cases, including those relating to addiction and psychiatric/psychological claims. 

The core services we regularly provide our clients include:

Consultations and reviews of disability insurance policies and claim viability

Filing individual and group long-term disability insurance claims

Managing and maintaining disability insurance claims

Appealing disability insurance claim denials and terminations

Negotiating settlements before and during the litigation process

Mediating and litigating cases in state and federal court

Pursuing insurance bad faith litigation

Managing Claims Connected to COVID-19 & mental health issues among frontline workers

Contact a Seltzer & Associates Philadelphia Disability Lawyer to Get Started

There is no substitute for speaking one-on-one to a qualified disability insurance law practitioner. To make things as easy as possible, we offer worry-free, no-cost consultations. Please reach out to us either online or by calling our office at 888-699-4222.