Maintaining Your Long-Term Disability Insurance Claim

You submitted your claim forms and medical records documenting your disability. Your disability insurance company found you are disabled under the definition in your long-term disability insurance policy. Now what?

Continued Proof of Loss

You were required to provide the disability insurance company proof of loss during the initial submission of your claim for disability benefits. Now you are required to continue to submit updated information. All long-term disability insurance policies contain provisions which place the burden of proving disability on you, not the disability insurance company. The disability insurance company will continuously evaluate your claim to determine if you continue to satisfy the definition of disability under the terms of your policy. They will request from you and review updated information regarding your claim. One of the biggest misunderstandings claimants have is to assume that once your disability insurance company accepts liability, it will continue to accept liability and pay your claim to the end of your benefit period. This is not the case. These policies are unique in how they work. Proof of loss is required every single month you request disability benefits be paid. Your company has the right to terminate your claim whenever, in their opinion, you have not satisfied proof of loss.

How Will My Claim Be Reviewed?

The disability insurance company has a number of ways to continually review your claim. They will use the following methods:

  • Attending Physician’s Statements and medical records
  • Claimant’s Individual Statements
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Vocational Assessments
  • Surveillance & Investigations
  • Field Representative Meetings

These are just some of the methods the company will use to review your claim. It is essential you cooperate with each of the methods and comply with the provisions in your policy. We will protect your interests and assist you with this cooperation by communicating with the disability insurance company on your behalf and making sure all relevant information is provided in full in the strongest way.

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