Possible Long-Term Impacts on Ability to Perform Essential Duties

Still undetermined regarding coronavirus is the long-term effects on the health of individuals who have been infected or are at high risk.  Typically, long-term disability insurance coverage comes with an elimination period of 90 days or more. From what we’ve seen of those infected with COVID-19, a 90-day period of physical symptoms that impact your ability to work is unlikely. 

However, many health professionals face increased risk for developing chronic, long-term health conditions that may prevent them from being able to perform the duties of his or her own occupation. Healthcare workers, lawyers, medical personnel, and critical executives are showing up to work every day during the COVID-19 crisis despite the great physical and psychological burdens it creates for these professionals. 

Frontline workers can develop or exacerbate mental and/or physical conditions by performing their essential job duties amid the hazards caused by the pandemic. Illnesses that could be complicated by the pandemic and qualify for long-term disability insurance, may include:

If you find yourself struggling with any of the above conditions, and it is impacting your ability to perform any or all of your job functions, you may have a compensable long-term disability claim related to your COVID-19 exposure. From the physicians leaning on medications to cope after losing patients, to the dentists who now face infection while working with limited medical supplies, our focused team of disability lawyers is here for you during these uncertain times.

If you feel you have a potential disability claim as a result of providing professional services or working with a COVID-19 patient or client, we encourage you to contact a Philadelphia long term disability insurance attorney on our team to determine whether you have a covered long-term or individual disability claim.

Understanding Your Burden

Seltzer & Associates understands the unique burden the COVID-19 pandemic places on the shoulders of our clients. The current situation is unprecedented, which is why it is important to work with disability insurance lawyers who understand disability insurance claims for high-level professionals, including the intricacies of specialty occupation disability insurance coverage for medical professionals.

For more than 40 years, we have dedicated our practice to helping professionals suffering from physiological impairments, psychiatric and psychological conditions, and addiction. 

Unfortunately, even after restrictions are lifted and business resumes, the fallout from the coronavirus will continue to impact the workers and their families.  Particularly, the essential employees such as doctors and nurses who endured working through each shift during this national crisis despite the increased risks to their physical and mental health.

Our private disability insurance firm may be a critical part of your recovery process, helping to reduce financial burdens so you can reclaim your health and fully recover. Contact a Philadelphia long term disability insurance attorney at Seltzer & Associates to schedule a policy review and determine if you qualify.

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