Let a Philadelphia Long Term Disability Claim Attorney Help with Your Benefits Application

As a medical professional, your career and ability to perform your chosen occupation matter to you. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and being unable to perform your duties as normal is immensely frustrating. At Seltzer & Associates, our goal is to provide you with top-tier representation that results in your receiving the long term disability insurance benefits you deserve so you can concentrate on your wellbeing. A Philadelphia long term disability claim attorney from our firm can represent doctors and healthcare workers nationally, and we have the experience and skill to assist you with every step of the process.

Timing Is Everything – Act Fast When Filing Your Long Term Disability Claim

It is imperative to the success of your claim that you file your application for long term disability insurance benefits as soon as possible. Insurance policies dictate in their terms the amount of time you have to file before your claim will be denied for being filed too late. Due to the nature of insurance policies which provisions and terms are set forth in complex contractual language, seeking the advice of a Philadelphia long term disability claim attorney as soon as you experience the need for benefits is advised. When it comes to long term disability insurance benefits, time really is of the essence.  

Filing A Successful Application for Long-Term Disability Benefits with the Help of Your Attorney 

By properly and carefully completing your application, and understanding the claims process, you can avoid early mistakes and possible delays in receiving your benefits. 

Provide Proper Completion of Your Employee Statement

It is likely you will be asked to complete an employee, or claimant, statement. When doing so, it is imperative that you accurately state the effect the injury or sickness that has left you disabled has had on you and your inability to perform the important duties of your medical specialty. You may also notice the space given for your statement is limited. Do not feel that your response must fit into this space. Instead, write “See Attachment” in the space and attach additional pages to the application with the proper and full descriptions. The key is to provide a clear indication of how the disability has negatively affected your ability to perform your medical specialty.  As a medical professional, it is likely the effect has been considerable and impacted patient care. Take as much space as you need to accurately portray this information.

Stay In Contact With Your Physician

Your treating medical provider will be asked to provide an Attending Physician Statement, which asks for important information related to your disability. This includes such information as your diagnoses, dates of treatment, whether or not your disability is work-related, types of treatments, whether or not you will be able to go back to work, and if so, when. 

Our Philadelphia long term disability insurance law firm recommends that you take the Attending Physician form with you to give to your doctor at your next medical appointment.  If your doctor is accommodating, the best scenario is to have the form completed while you are at the appointment, which will ensure the form is completed in detail and allow you to leave with a completed form in hand. 

A properly completed, detailed Attending Physician Statement is crucial to a successful claim for long term disability insurance benefits. Because of this, it is vital that your doctor is kept apprised of your ongoing medical condition at all times and that you comply with all treatment protocol and directions given by your doctor. Also, if you have additional medical providers besides your main treating physician, provide your disability insurance company with their contact information as well so they can request and review the additional medical records supporting your disability.

Have Your Employer Complete The Employer Statement

If you are seeking disability insurance benefits from an employer-sponsored disability plan, ensure your company’s human resource department completes The Employer Statement. This statement will provide your disability  insurance company with details about your employment, including your salary, your job duties, the date you were hired, the date you last worked, and the dates of any disability insurance coverage. 

Provide Any Other Pertinent Information and Keep Your Philadelphia Long Term Disability Insurance Claim Attorney Informed

Your goal is to provide your disability insurance company with all the information needed to conduct a thorough review of your claim for disability insurance benefits and render a favorable decision on your behalf. Any additional information or documentation that will further your goal should be included with your application for long term disability insurance benefits. An example of this is a completed and signed authorization form allowing your disability insurance company to request copies of your medical records from any of your treating physicians.

Consult with Experienced Philadelphia Long Term Disability Claim Lawyers

Unfortunately, your disability insurance company may not be acting in your best interests. If you give them a reason not to pay you your disability insurance benefits, they won’t.  Every conversation you have with their representatives and every document submitted will be scrutinized and used to potentially refute your claim. Because of this, the significance of having an experienced legal advocate on your side should not be underestimated. A Philadelphia long term disability claim attorney will provide zealous, effective representation that handles every step of the process for you. We will ensure the insurance provider obtains all the information they require for your claim. And should your initial claim not be successful, we will fight for you through the appeal process and if necessary, the litigation process to ensure you receive the disability insurance benefits you deserve.

Contact an Experienced Philadelphia Long Term Disability Claim Attorney

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