Recover Disability Insurance Benefits for Addiction with the Help of a Philadelphia Substance Abuse Lawyer

At Seltzer & Associates, we understand that professionals and executives facing addiction need effective and discreet results from their disability insurance carriers. A Philadelphia substance abuse lawyer at Seltzer & Associates is always available to help professionals receive the insurance benefits they need. 

At Seltzer & Associates, we have established a legal practice dedicated specifically to addressing the unique concerns of healthcare professionals suffering from the disease of addiction. Our Philadelphia substance abuse lawyer team understands the many challenges that come with addiction to drugs, alcohol, and other substances. While medical concerns are the first priority, there are often significant financial problems, ranging from loss of one’s practice or business, loss of hospital privileges, inability to generate income, and savings lost as a result of the disease. Concurrent medical concerns are common, as are family conflicts, as well as legal problems that may include licensure issues, criminal charges, or problems with partnerships, groups, employers, and hospitals.

There are also confidentiality and privacy concerns, which keep many professionals with the illness of addiction from seeking legal help—even when they need it most. Seltzer & Associates has built a reputation for handling these sensitive situations with the utmost professionalism. Our entire staff is accustomed to the special considerations surrounding these cases and claims, which gives you several advantages:

  • Every Philadelphia substance abuse lawyer on our team deals routinely with the major disability insurance carriers. Our expansive reach has earned us substantial credibility with insurers and maximizes our ability to accomplish a speedy and effective disposition of your claim—often without the costly hassles, delays, and expenses of litigation.
  • We have carefully designed our entire process to ensure your privacy, and we exclusively dedicate our practice to disability cases and claims.
  • Our work is nationally recognized in this area. Mark F. Seltzer, who has published and lectured extensively on addiction and professionals, oversees our practice.

Addiction Knows No Boundaries

Addiction can afflict any person regardless of demographics such as age or location. Fortunately for our clients, Seltzer & Associates has significant experience negotiating favorable resolutions and litigating disability insurance claims due to addiction. Regardless of your location or your insurance company’s location, we can represent you in your claim for disability insurance benefits. 

We understand that at times our clients may need to relocate for treatment. Your Philadelphia substance abuse lawyer can continue working with you and fighting on your behalf, even if you are not in the area. We focus on getting you the benefits you are entitled to from your insurance company so you can focus on your treatment.

Having built our practice around serving medical professionals, we know the challenges facing our disabled clients and the resistance they may experience from insurance companies. We understand our clients in the medical profession face unique obstacles that the insurance companies may use against them. With years of knowledge in this area, and a successful history of working with disability insurance companies on a nationwide scale, you can rest assured that Seltzer & Associates will handle your disability insurance claim for your benefits.

Disability Insurance Benefits for Addiction in Healthcare Providers and Other Professionals

At Seltzer & Associates, we limit our practice exclusively to disability insurance claims and cases. The largest percentage of claims we handle involve healthcare providers and other professionals who suffer from addictions. We have gone to great lengths to obtain the knowledge and exposure needed in order to understand addiction, and therefore, to most effectively present and prosecute our clients’ claims. 

We prosecute our clients’ claims using a comprehensive, multifaceted approach. We appreciate the complexities involved in working with addictions and co-occurring illnesses, and develop our strategies in view of those complexities. Every Philadelphia substance abuse lawyer at Seltzer & Associates understands that addiction is a disease of compulsion and loss of control.

Our firm is actively involved with the addiction and recovery communities. We attend medical conferences, sponsored by organizations such as The American Society of Addiction Medicine, Federation of State Physician Health Programs, and International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous (IDAA). Mr. Seltzer is a frequent presenter at these conferences on topics involving disability insurance claims and addiction. We have worked with, visited, and presented at many rehabilitation centers and Professional Health Programs throughout the country. We are familiar with, and attend lectures presented by the most respected and prominent experts in the field of addiction.

We represent our clients with the utmost sensitivity, discretion, and appreciation for their illness. Our firm handles these cases with absolute professionalism, in a manner that provides the maximum amount of privacy for our clients. We also fully understand the multiple confidentiality issues our clients face. Your Philadelphia substance abuse lawyer will pursue your claims in a way that does not compromise confidentiality.

Proving Your Disability Insurance Case with the Help of a Philadelphia Substance Abuse Lawyer

Our goal, as a firm, is to help our clients obtain the benefits they are entitled to, and to free our clients so they can devote their energy to maintaining their recovery. Our team is sensitive to the many challenges that come with addiction. We consider other issues such as co-occurring psychiatric or medical conditions, family concerns, employment problems, and legal difficulties that often ensue from the illness. We understand the hardships and vulnerability that most of our clients suffer at this time in their lives. We are committed to making certain that disability insurance carriers do not take advantage of our clients’ vulnerabilities. We help give our clients the freedom to go forward with their lives in positive and constructive ways.

Insurance companies deny disability claims for any number of reasons. In preparing your case, we examine your policies and eligibility for individual disability insurance and long-term disability insurance benefits. We work with medical providers to help them understand what is required by your disability insurance company for your disability insurance claim. 

With our experience nationwide in disability and addiction matters, we are equipped to secure disability insurance benefits for medical providers and other professionals. Our reputation for success is built on our knowledge: knowing what insurance companies are looking for in their evaluation of disability insurance claims and knowing how to present our client’s claim to their disability insurance companies in the strongest possible way. This helps us secure our clients’ disability insurance benefits and maximize each claim. Our comprehensive approach in representing our clients assists them on the road to recovery and restoration of their livelihoods. 

Consequences and Effects of Addiction for Professionals

Addiction causes a multitude of issues that impair a professional’s life and career through the symptoms and effects of addiction. While suffering from addiction, professionals are often impaired, and they cannot function to the best of their ability. Alcohol and substance addiction includes physical symptoms that compromise one’s ability to perform the duties of their specialty or to maintain a career. Physical symptoms include:

  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Tremors or shaking
  • Memory Issues
  • Additional disease, such as liver disease, heart disease, or high blood pressure

Withdrawal from a substance due to addiction is accompanied by severe physical side effects. In addition to possibly needing to go through withdrawal in a treatment facility, thereby removing professionals from their ability to see their patients, those in recovery may also experience: anxiety, tremors, confusion, seizures, and other ongoing effects as the body adjusts during withdrawal. Treatment for these conditions is often mandated and additionally necessitates removal from the workplace. These ongoing physical and mental impairments usually require additional treatment and time away from your specialized area of practice, making ongoing disability benefits necessary. Knowing the importance of reputation to our professional clients and the success of their practices, we place great emphasis on preserving our clients’ confidentiality and privacy while pursuing their cases.

These effects certainly limit the ability to maintain a professional career. Tremors prevent skillful operation maneuvers in surgery. Cognitive impairment limits the ability to perform high-level executive function, which is necessary to perform the essential duties of professional specialties or business-related responsibilities such as negotiating and completing business transactions. Without treatment and the receipt of disability insurance benefits for addiction, and the restoration of one’s health, the ability to conduct business can significantly decline, perhaps completely, causing clients or patients to suffer as well. 

Behavioral Addictions Can Also Pose a Career Interruption

Behavioral addictions also impair the ability to maintain your career. Addiction causes a loss of control and disrupts regular activities required to conduct business. Examples of behavioral addictions include addiction to:

  • Gambling
  • Pornography
  • Sex
  • Food
  • Shopping
  • Other Risky Behavior

In behavioral addiction cases, those suffering from addiction seek out certain activities or engage in particular behaviors to fulfill an addictive need. As the disease progresses, so does the level of disruption in the ability to carry out successful business activities. 

Contact a Philadelphia Substance Abuse Lawyer and Learn Your Disability Insurance Options 

If you are suffering from addiction, whether substance-based or behavioral, you need to contact a Philadelphia substance abuse lawyer right away to secure your disability benefits. At Seltzer & Associates, we represent clients nationwide to assist them with their disability insurance claims and help them return to a healthy life.

Seltzer & Associates recognizes that addiction can be triggered or worsened by frontline workers responsible for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Our practice is available to medical professionals nationwide to discuss your available individual disability insurance and long-term disability insurance coverage, and the process of filing a claim for benefits.