Disability Insurances Benefits for Medical Professionals Fighting Alcoholism 

Alcoholism is a serious medical condition that can prevent many medical professionals from performing their occupations. While fighting this illness, consult with a disability insurance attorney who can focus on your claim while you focus on recovery.  Contact the Philadelphia alcoholism lawyers at Seltzer & Associates to discuss your disability insurance benefits

Alcoholism Prevents Healthcare Professionals from Working

Alcoholism is a complicated disease that is often exacerbated by other underlying illnesses. 

Alcoholics benefit greatly from receiving appropriate professional treatment for the disease. This may require affected healthcare professionals to stop working, and to attend the necessary treatment to overcome the effects of alcoholism. 

Our Philadelphia Alcoholism Lawyers Explain the Struggles Healthcare Professionals Face

It is well understood that healthcare professionals cannot ethically practice medicine while under the influence of alcohol or other substances, which is a severe danger to patients. A medical professional suffering from alcoholism can ultimately lose their licensing and hospital privileges. 

Even while in recovery, a patient may have medical restrictions or limitations that prevent her from engaging in the practice of medicine.  For example, withdrawal symptoms from alcohol can be severe and disabling, which could preclude a return to practice. Malpractice risks also increase when patients are under the care of doctors suffering from alcoholism. As we know, medical mistakes and adversely affect patient outcomes. These reasons must be considered along with the mental and physical impairments which disable physicians from treating patients. 

Proving Your Disability Due to Alcoholism

There is a great deal of stigma associated with alcoholism and other substance abuse illnesses.  This may prevent acknowledgement of the disease and the receipt of appropriate care, which could ultimately delay or even prevent the approval of a disability claim. Seltzer & Associates understands the duty and importance of confidentiality to our clients. We respect and guard clients’ privacy and help support recovery while working to prove the claim. Seltzer & Associates has worked with many national insurance companies to secure disability insurance benefits for clients, including those suffering from alcoholism. 

While it is not always clear to an insurance company that alcoholism and its symptoms necessitate a long-term absence from work, it is evident to our Philadelphia alcoholism lawyers that this disease disables many medical professionals. Long-term treatment and recovery plans for alcoholism can require physicians to avoid practicing medicine. Impaired cognitive function, mood swings, and fatigue can each affect the day-to-day medical practice. 

Contact Our Philadelphia Alcoholism Lawyers for Help Today – Working with Clients Nationwide

Alcoholism and its consequences can be overcome. Your disability insurance benefits can help keep you and your family financially secure during your recovery. If substance abuse is preventing you from working, contact the Philadelphia alcoholism lawyers at Seltzer & Associates to discuss your claim for disability insurance benefits.

At Seltzer Legal, we understand the strain frontline and essential workers faced during the pandemic. Learn how mental and psychological disorders, including alcoholism, may be covered by disability insurance.