Recover the Benefits You Need with a Philadelphia Drug Abuse Lawyer

Drug Abuse Disables Healthcare Professionals 

Drug abuse is a serious concern, especially in the workplace.  Victims of drug abuse come from all walks of life. Even medical professionals can suffer from substance abuse issues, and the rates of drug abuse among healthcare workers is significant. The consequences of medical workers abusing drugs can be dire. If you suffer from drug abuse issues preventing you from working, contact a Philadelphia drug abuse lawyer at Seltzer & Associates to discuss your claim for disability insurance benefits. 

A Philadelphia Drug Abuse Lawyer Understands the Perils of the Medical Profession for Those Struggling with Addiction 

One element of a disability insurance claim may be the working environment. Environmental factors include things such as dust, air quality, noise and exposure which could inhibit an already ill person from performing the essential duties of their job. For a healthcare worker who abuses drugs, having access to prescription medication can be a dangerous factor. 

During the early recovery phase, it can be a high risk for a medical professional to be in a work environment with access to drugs, at least until the treatment team deems it appropriate. A Philadelphia drug abuse lawyer will articulate why and how medical professionals cannot work in this type of environment while suffering from drug abuse and how this constitutes a disabling condition.

Signs of Drug Abuse in Physicians

We all depend on our healthcare workers to provide us with necessary medical care.  We should strive to provide our doctors and nurses with the care needed to overcome disabling conditions, including drug abuse and related illnesses.

In addition to the symptoms of drug abuse in physicians, additional signs of drug abuse may include:

  • Unexplained absence from the workplace 
  • Errors in patient records
  • Repeated loss of drug inventory
  • Decrease in quality of patient care

Seltzer & Associates take the care of our medical professionals and clients seriously. We strive to support our clients and their recovery by fighting for their disability insurance benefits.

Treatment for Abuse of Prescription Drugs and Other Substances

Long-term damage from drug abuse can take both a physical and mental toll. Treatment for drug abuse may involve intensive inpatient or residential treatment, intensive outpatient programs, and continuing medical care for associated diseases and conditions. It is imperative that someone suffering from drug abuse seek professional help and treatment so they can be medically monitored throughout the recovery process and receive the necessary support. It is also important to treat underlying causes of drug abuse, including physical causes such as chronic pain as well as mental and emotional causes such as stress or grief.

Contact a Philadelphia Drug Abuse Lawyer to Learn About Your Disability Insurance Options 

If you are suffering from substance abuse, you need to contact a Philadelphia drug abuse attorney to discuss your claim for disability insurance benefits. Seltzer & Associates has helped clients nationwide pursue their disability insurance benefits and reclaim their lives.  Do not hesitate, contact Seltzer & Associates today. From our Philadelphia location we serve clients nationwide.