Our Philadelphia Asthma Attorney Helps with Disability Insurance for Healthcare Providers

Asthma is a very common disease, with a wide range of side severity of symptoms. Sometimes, the symptoms of asthma are so severe that they disrupt a person’s ability to work and ability to maintain their lifestyle. For medical professionals, being unable to work has costly repercussions. If you have needed to stop working due to the severity of your asthma, a Philadelphia asthma attorney may assist you in securing your disability insurance benefits.

Adult Onset Asthma

Asthma can occur as a sporadic or chronic condition, and symptoms can be mild or severe. Due to the spectrum, sometimes asthma sufferers are not taken seriously as to how difficult asthma makes working and living. Asthma also can also first appear in adults. Adult-onset asthma is often more severe and persistent than life-long asthma, and treatment can be delayed due to attributing symptoms to other conditions.

Symptoms of asthma include:

  •     Difficulty breathing
  •     Wheezing
  •     Shortness of breath
  •     Cough
  •     Colds or other infections moving to the chest

Difficulty breathing or the spread of infection through the body are serious and can take working professionals out of the workforce while they deal with these asthma complications. Another challenge in diagnosing asthma in adults who formerly did not have a diagnosis is that symptoms can mimic other breathing disorders. 

Treating Asthma

Asthma is treated with a variety of medications and medical protocols. Since asthma is often more severe in adulthood, it is important to take the prescribed medications as ordered by a medical professional as well as monitor symptoms so they can be reported to care providers for status updates to maintain an accurate treatment plan. Maintaining your lung function and getting back to your daily routine is crucial to preserving your health and preventing further decline. In some instances, the environmental factors of the workplace may result in needing to limit time in the office or workplace to prevent further decline of health and breathing ability. If this is your case, seeking disability insurance benefits may be your next step.

Seeking Disability Insurance Benefits with the Assistance of a Philadelphia Asthma Attorney

When seeking disability insurance benefits, working with your insurance company can be a challenge. Insurance companies may be skeptical about the severity of the asthma, or how much the symptoms and side effects truly prevent you from working. In particular, severe yet sporadic attacks that take you out of work for a short period may be difficult to prove to the insurance company, despite the medical evidence available. 

Utilizing the professional resources available to you during your period of disability, including your medical treatment team and medical care, as well as the disability insurance benefits to which you are entitled, can be frustrating and challenging.  While all breathing disorders should be taken seriously, the diagnostic challenge of adult onset asthma, coupled with the routine struggles in obtaining disability insurance benefits, makes it essential to work with an individual or long-term disability insurance attorney so you can receive the disability insurance benefits to which you are entitled.

Our Philadelphia Asthma Attorneys Obtain Benefits for Medical Providers and Other Professionals

Even with treatment, asthma is disruptive to maintaining life activities and careers. If you are suffering from asthma and need to take a leave of absence from work, contact a Philadelphia asthma attorney today to discuss your eligibility for benefits. We assist physicians nationwide.