There are several spine and joint disorders that cause can severe pain and limited mobility. Physicians need to be aware of the myriad of spine and joint disorders that can debilitate them and prevent them from practicing medicine. When these disorders interrupt a medical career, you should be able to rely on your disability insurance benefits to provide financial relief while you are unable to work. Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny disability claims, but you can overcome this with the help of your Philadelphia disability insurance attorney.

Regardless of the particular spine disorder you suffer from, you can rely on Seltzer & Associates to represent you throughout the disability insurance claims process. We have experience working with medical professionals and insurance companies on a nationwide scale and will confidently and diligently fight for your disability benefits.

Common Spine and Joint Disorders

There are a number of common spine and joint disorders. Seltzer & Associates works with disabled medical professionals suffering from conditions including osteoporosis, herniated and degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, and back pain and back injuries, among other disorders. Seltzer & Associates understands that your spine and joint disorders can be compounded by other injuries and will work to secure the disability insurance benefits you are entitled to based on your physical limitations. If you are unable to work due to spine and joint disorders, you need to discuss a potential disability insurance claim with your Philadelphia disability insurance attorney.

Spinal Myelopathy

Spinal myelopathy is a condition in which the spinal cord degenerates and becomes weak and damaged. As physicians age and experience wear and tear to the spine, they need to be cognizant of the risk of spinal damage that could ultimately prevent them from continuing their medical careers. Measures can be taken to help strengthen the spine, but ultimately you may succumb to this disorder. If spinal myelopathy leaves you unable to perform the duties of your medical career, you need to work with a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney to obtain disability insurance benefits.

Treating Spine and Joint Disorders

When dealing with such a sensitive and critical area as the spine, the utmost care must be taken to treat any disorders or conditions that impede function and mobility. Physical therapy to preserve or restore range of motion and strength is imperative in maintaining quality of life. Surgery may be required to repair damaged discs or to provide pain relief, if possible. Recovery from spine surgery often takes significant time. A variety of medications may also be utilized to help the patient manage the pain and recovery. Many pain medications come with a host of physical and cognitive side effects that can affect a potential return to work in the medical profession. However, these treatments may be essential to effectively addressing a patient’s spine disorder. 

Talk to a Philadelphia Disability Insurance Attorney About Your Claim

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