Philadelphia COPD Lawyer Recovering Disability Insurance For Medical Providers and Other Professionals

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, more commonly known as COPD, is a complex, serious disease with many adverse side effects, ranging from mild difficulty breathing to death. COPD is unique to each individual and the disease progresses over time further complicating matters. The disease progression can occur slowly or seemingly quickly, depending on when it is diagnosed. Due to COPD’s negative effect on breathing and conducting daily activities, COPD sufferers often miss work due to their medical suffering. As the disease worsens, medical professionals may be unable to perform the duties of occupations because of their health. If you are unable to work because of COPD, you may be eligible for disability insurance benefits. This process may be daunting, but a Philadelphia COPD attorney will help you obtain your disability insurance benefits

Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment of COPD 

Mild cases of COPD may go unnoticed for some time. By the time the condition is recognizable as chronic, it has often progressed to a more serious stage. Common symptoms of COPD include: 

  •     Chronic cough
  •     Shortness of breath
  •     Frequent respiratory infections
  •     Fatigue
  •     Wheezing

Since COPD symptoms are similar and shared with other illnesses, your doctor may order lung function tests, blood analysis to measure blood oxygen, and imaging to confirm the diagnosis. The test results will also help your doctor assess the severity and progression of your COPD and formulate an appropriate treatment plan. Treatment can include rehabilitation, supplemental oxygen, and surgery. In severe cases and late stage COPD palliative end of life care is offered.

When You Need Disability Benefits Because of COPD

COPD affects the workplace by both limiting an employee’s ability to work effectively as well as preventing professionals from being able to perform their essential job duties. COPD sufferers may also have to miss work for various treatment procedures. 

An inability to work leads to loss of income and can add to the stress of dealing with medical issues. Fortunately, disability insurance policies can help COPD patients through this difficult time.

Managing the Progression of COPD

COPD is a progressive disease. Over time, symptoms of the disease will increase in quantity and severity. Having a proper treatment plan can help alleviate the symptoms and maintain lung function as the disease progresses. The American Lung Association suggests engaging in appropriate exercise for your condition, managing nutrition to promote health, and avoiding conditions that would cause a COPD flare up. Taking care of your mental health is also important, and finding support through groups or individual therapy is a valuable piece of a COPD treatment plan. Another valuable resource is your disability insurance benefits, including working with a disability insurance lawyer to secure benefits entitled to you.

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As COPD progresses and prevents you from performing your essential job duties, it is time to start seeking disability insurance benefits. An experienced, dedicated COPD lawyer can assist you in this process. Contact a Philadelphia COPD attorney today to discuss your eligibility for disability insurance benefits. We assist clients nationwide.