You Need a Philadelphia Disability Lawyer for Wrist or Hand Injury Claims 

When a doctor or surgeon suffers from a hand or wrist injury, the long-term limitations may prevent them from working in medicine or at all. Since hand injuries can be nuanced, it is important to consult a Philadelphia wrist injury lawyer when you are seeking your long-term disability insurance benefits. An experienced Philadelphia hand injury lawyer from Seltzer & Associates can guide you through each phase of the disability insurance process and will work hard to secure the benefits to which you are entitled.

Common Hand and Wrist Injuries in Doctors

Like anyone else, doctors can suffer hand and wrist injuries, but for a doctor who cannot use his or her hands, it can also mean that they can no longer perform essential job duties.

Hand and wrist injuries vary in nature. An injury that prevents hand mobility can be the result of injury to the bone, ligaments, or tendons in the hand or wrist. The type of injury will also determine what treatments may be prescribed and the expected length of the recovery period. 

Treating Wrist Injuries in Doctors 

Since hand and wrist injuries vary in type and severity, you can expect the same with the treatments available. In mild cases, an extended period of rest may be sufficient to allow recovery. Even if basic hand and wrist mobility is recovered, doctors face additional difficulties in returning to their medical practices. 

Hand and wrist injuries can keep people from doing even the most basic of work tasks including writing, typing, answering phones, and organizing files. The expectation of doctors to perform procedures and examine patients through touch and physical maneuvering makes the return to medicine more complex. A Philadelphia wrist injury lawyer can help doctors with claims for disability insurance benefits due to wrist and hand injuries. By further explaining and presenting evidence as to why a physician is unable to work, a Philadelphia hand injury lawyer can build the insured’s case for benefits.

In more extreme injuries, surgery may be required to fix the injury. Broken bones may need to be realigned for proper healing, or ligaments and tendons may need to be repaired or reattached surgically. Recovering from surgery can take significant time, with frequent monitoring, testing for hand and wrist function, and pain medication that may cause side effects that further prevent a return to work.

Hand and Wrist Mobility is Crucial for Surgeons

Surgeons require an additional level of dexterity to perform the essential roles of their work. While operating, a surgeon needs to be able to maneuver instruments and tools safely within the patient’s body. Anything less than extreme precision during surgery puts the patient at risk for adverse outcomes. Thus, hand and wrist injuries can be devastating to a surgeon’s career. 

Philadelphia Wrist Injury Lawyer Helps Doctors with Disability Insurance Claims

Hand and wrist injuries cause difficulty for most activities. Due to the sensitive nature of working with patients, wrist and hand injuries tend to keep doctors out of work longer than other professions. A Philadelphia wrist injury lawyer can help you pursue your claim for disability insurance benefits, and stay on track with record requests and follow up on medical treatment to help you in your recovery.

Contact a Philadelphia Hand Injury Lawyer 

If you are suffering from a wrist or hand injury that prevents you from performing surgeries and practicing medicine, it is imperative you contact a Philadelphia hand injury lawyer to discuss your claim for disability insurance benefits. Do not hesitate, and schedule your free consultation with Seltzer & Associates today.