HIV and AIDS have affected our world for years, though thorough understanding of this disease is relatively recent. Despite recent advancements in understanding and treating this condition, past misunderstandings regarding HIV and AIDS can complicate the disability insurance claims process. No one suffering from HIV should feel discriminated as a result of the diagnosis. Working with a Philadelphia HIV disability insurance attorney on your claim for disability insurance benefits can make all the difference. Doctors understand the challenges facing their HIV/AIDS patients, and insurance companies should afford the same level of consideration to their insureds. If you are a medical professional unable to work due to HIV/AIDS, you need a compassionate Philadelphia HIV disability insurance attorney from Seltzer & Associates on your side for your disability insurance benefits claim.

Disabling Symptoms of HIV/AIDS

HIV comes in stages, and symptoms progress as the disease progresses. Initial symptoms include fever, chills, muscle ache, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes, though some sufferers may experience additional symptoms or be asymptomatic. Over time, the disease progresses and eventually can develop into AIDS. Symptoms of AIDS include rapid weight loss, recurring fever, prolonged swelling of lymph glands, sores, memory loss, depression, and other neurological disorders. These symptoms can become severe enough to preclude physicians from maintaining their medical careers. If you are unable to continue working due to HIV/AIDS symptoms, a Philadelphia HIV disability attorney can help you while you fight the disease by securing your disability insurance benefits. 

Treating HIV in Physicians 

While there is no cure for HIV, there are treatments available that can improve quality of life. Medication is recommended for those diagnosed with HIV as soon as possible, though treatment can begin at any point. HIV medication has the benefit of reducing the viral load of HIV in your blood, preventing transmission to others, and preventing drug resistance as HIV is a virus that can mutate and become resistant to current medications.

Treating HIV/AIDS is not without side effects. The medication for HIV can cause side effects including but not limited to vomiting, headache, dizziness, fatigue, and pain. These side effects can be disruptive to a medical career, and when compounded with HIV’s symptoms, they certainly can result in a disability that completely prevents work in the medical profession. Despite these side effects, it is imperative to follow your prescribed treatment regimen for HIV.

Another treatment aspect of HIV is dealing with mental health and substance use disorders. If you are suffering from depression or struggling with alcohol or drug use, you can seek treatment for these conditions as well. Again, your Philadelphia HIV disability insurance attorney will have your back.

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