Understanding Your Long-Term Disability Insurance Policy

Long-term disability insurance policies often contain the most restrictive provisions and language that can be difficult to understand. We will review your existing policies on a line item basis to help you achieve the best possible understanding of what long-term disability insurance coverage you have and when benefits should be payable. We will methodically analyze the definitions in your specific policy and how those definitions apply to your unique situation.

Buying Individual Disability Insurance Coverage?

At Seltzer & Associates we can also review prospective new individual disability insurance policies and compare them to your employer provided long-term disability policies so you can better understand how best to protect your financial needs without leaving any gaps in coverage. Working with your insurance broker, we can assist in providing you with an understanding of the policies you are reviewing for purchase.

If you need assistance in understanding the long-term or individual disability insurance policy you have, please contact Seltzer & Associates today for a policy review.