Philadelphia Stroke Attorney for Medical Professionals

A stroke is a catastrophic life event, leaving a stroke victim with devastating impairments that has mental and physical consequences. Suffering from a stroke can destroy a successful medical or business career as well as cause impairments to speech and mobility. Medical professionals who suffered a stroke should let an experienced Philadelphia stroke attorney from Seltzer & Associates handle their disability insurance case and work for you to obtain your benefits.

Diagnosing a Stroke

A stroke occurs from a hemorrhage, or a blockage preventing blood from reaching the brain. Getting medical care quickly is crucial in improving the odds of recovery for a stroke victim. To diagnose the stroke, imaging such as CT scans or MRIs to identify the bleed or the blockage and investigate brain activity. In addition, electrical activity testing can demonstrate the brain’s electrical activity and the body’s response to the brain, including vision, hearing and other sensations. Blood flow tests can identify blockages and help develop an appropriate action plan to treat the stroke.

Our Philadelphia Stroke Attorney Recognizes the Consequences of Strokes on Medical Professionals

Since each part of the brain affects different functions, the portion impacted by the stroke can have varying deficits and disabilities. Physical impairments, difficulties in communicating, or emotional and behavioral challenges are all possible consequences. 

Stroke victims undergo months and years of rehabilitation and therapy to regain control of their lives, and medical professionals need to undergo even more rehabilitation to regain the level of function to return to practicing their specialties. 

Rehabilitation to Recover from a Stroke

Due to the multitude of ways that strokes physically impact the body, extensive physical rehabilitation is necessary. Physical impairments as a result of a stroke can range from paralysis to mobility issues which may be permanent or temporary in nature. Recovery can take years, especially if the necessary level of recovery is elevated due to the need to effectively operate medical equipment. Surgeons are especially at risk for additional financial loss during a prolonged recovery or possible permanent inability to ever perform their surgical duties. 

In cognitive matters, medical professionals often need to have a complete recovery in order to return to work due to the executive functional demands of the profession. Doctors cannot care for, diagnose, and treat patients while suffering from unresolved cognitive impairments from a stroke. Your stroke attorney needs to understand the heightened functional requirements of your specialty so they can successfully present your case for disability insurance benefits.

Not all stroke impairments are physical. Mental and emotional impairments include depression as the stroke sufferer deals with their new limitations. Depressionanxiety, and other cognitive impairments can be treated with a combination of medication and therapeutic rehabilitation. 

Contact a Philadelphia Stroke Attorney to Recover Your Benefits

Suffering a stroke is catastrophic enough. You do not have to face your financial loss alone. Medical professionals who suffered a stroke preventing them from working need to contact a Philadelphia stroke attorney at Seltzer & Associates to claim your disability insurance benefits. We handle claims and cases for our clients nationwide.