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Physician Disability Insurance Benefits Update

Mar 1, 2002 in Publications by

Since my last article appeared in this publication in March 2001, there has been even more press, in this publication and others, about difficulties related to payment of disability benefits. This is just not anecdotal; more physicians call me now, and call earlier in the claims process, for assistance with their disability insurance claims. Although many claims are paid, the insurance industry has become more restrictive in its acceptance of liability of a claim. For instance, several disability carriers have required that the insured provide objective evidence of disability, notwithstanding the fact that such a provision or requirement does not […]

Protecting Your Disability Insurance Benefits

Mar 1, 2001 in Publications by

As an attorney representing physicians and health care professionals with disability insurance claims, I often find what appears to be a trend: many disability insurance companies are taking a more “hard line” approach when it comes to paying out benefits on their disability insurance policies. This position applies to the full gamut of claims that I see in the course of my practice, including claims for drug and alcohol dependency, psychological and psychiatric conditions, cardiac conditions, orthopedic claims as well as other mental/nervous and physiologic conditions. Back in the 1980’s physicians were the favorite “target market” of the numerous insurance […]