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Need to Appeal a Disability Insurance Claim Denial? The Clock is Running.

Jul 31, 2020 in Articles by

After paying premiums for years on your disability insurance policy, receiving a denial of your disability insurance benefits is disheartening. The denial adds to the stress and uncertainty you face while disabled. When you receive a denial notification from your disability insurance company, it is essential to contact a Philadelphia Long Term Disability appeal lawyer as soon as possible. Timing is Everything Timing is everything and that is especially true when it comes to appealing your disability insurance denial. Once you are notified of the denial, you only have 180 days to file your appeal. If you miss this window, […]

Wrongfully Denied Disability Insurance Claim? We Work With Your Disability Insurance Company.

Jul 9, 2020 in Articles by

Considering the years that you have paid premiums to your disability insurance company, in good faith, as well as the time and effort of applying for disability insurance benefits, a denial is frustrating and can feel demoralizing. If you are denied your disability insurance benefits, do not give up. You have options and our nationwide disability law firm is here to help. At Seltzer & Associates, we have years of experience working with all of the major disability insurance companies. Your Philadelphia long term disability denial lawyer at our firm will take a direct approach with your disability insurance company […]