Wrongfully Denied Disability Insurance Claim? We Work With Your Disability Insurance Company.

Considering the years that you have paid premiums to your disability insurance company, in good faith, as well as the time and effort of applying for disability insurance benefits, a denial is frustrating and can feel demoralizing. If you are denied your disability insurance benefits, do not give up. You have options and our nationwide disability law firm is here to help.

At Seltzer & Associates, we have years of experience working with all of the major disability insurance companies. Your Philadelphia long term disability denial lawyer at our firm will take a direct approach with your disability insurance company to address your denial. Our team and staff are experienced in appealing denials with your disability insurance company.  We spend countless hours evaluating your claim denial and formulating the strongest and most effective way to present your appeal. On your behalf, we will provide your disability insurance company with additional well-supported medical evidence, reports, records, evaluations, and other compelling information, along with our brief, in order to best argue and substantiate the occupational limitations and restrictions that entitle you to disability insurance benefits under your policy. 

The medical and vocational experts we work with evaluate your disability insurance claim individually so that we can work together to help you obtain the disability insurance benefits to which you are entitled.

We Work with Disability Insurance Carriers On Your Behalf

Each disability insurance carrier has variations and differences in their policies and terms. The claims and appeals process at each disability insurance company differs as well, which is why it is important to work with an experienced Philadelphia long term disability denial lawyer. We work with disability insurance companies all day, every day. We know the process. We know what to expect.  We understand the forms and the language and can anticipate what’s needed to move your claim forward toward payment of your needed disability insurance benefits.

What if my disability insurance company is not listed on your website? 

We regularly work with disability insurance companies, but if your insurer or third-party administrator isn’t listed that doesn’t mean we can’t help. Contact us and we will review your policy and help you through the claim denial and appeal process. 

Do you work with my disability insurance company?

Yes, we work with all disability insurance companies. Seltzer & Associates represents clients nationwide in claim denials and appeals with all disability insurance companies. Gather the paperwork related to your policy and give us a call to get started.

Contact a Philadelphia Long Term Disability Denial Lawyer

The denial of your disability insurance benefits is not the end of your story. Claimants who have been denied their benefits should speak with a Philadelphia long term disability denial lawyer to discuss their options. The experienced  team at Seltzer & Associates can help you overcome your denial and obtain your rightful disability insurance benefits. Contact Seltzer & Associates today.