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A Comprehensive Guide for Physicians Seeking Disability Insurance Coverage

As a physician, your ability to earn an income is inextricably tied to your ability to practice medicine. Unfortunately, life often does not always go as planned. You may be disabled or suffer an injury that prevents you from working and earning an income to provide for you and your family. That is where disability insurance can help.  Disability insurance is designed to protect your income in the event that you are disabled and cannot work. Our Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer is providing this guide for physicians to provide a basic understanding of disability insurance – types of policies that […]

Innovations and Trends in Disability Insurance for Medical Professionals

Disability insurance is a critical safety net for all working professionals, but it is particularly important for those in the medical field. Physicians and other medical professionals face unique occupational hazards and financial risks that make robust disability insurance coverage essential. Recent innovations and trends in the disability insurance market have begun to address these specific needs, offering more tailored solutions and better protections for medical professionals. Here, we explore some of the most notable advancements in this area. Understanding the Unique Needs of Medical Professionals Medical professionals, including doctors, surgeons, and specialists, often invest significant time and resources into […]

Bad Faith Disability Insurance: Understanding Its Impact on Claimants

Disability insurance is designed to provide financial support to individuals who are unable to work due to illness or injury. However, when insurance companies act in bad faith, denying legitimate claims or delaying payments unreasonably, it can have devastating effects on claimants — even when those claimants are professionals, like doctors and lawyers. Understanding what constitutes bad faith in disability insurance and its impact on those making claims is crucial for policyholders and advocates. What is Bad Faith in Disability Insurance? Bad faith in disability insurance occurs when an insurance company fails to uphold its contractual obligations to policyholders in […]

Addressing the Risk Factors of Physician Suicide

Physicians work in extremely demanding and stressful environments. While this is acknowledged on the surface, not enough progress has been made to provide physicians the support or help they need in addressing their own mental health or the risk factors associated with suicide in physicians. While the culture surrounding physician health is changing by reducing the stigma of mental health conditions and putting policies in place to help physicians get the medical care they need, more needs to be done to protect our physicians.  The risk factors for suicide in the medical profession are incredibly high. Long hours of treating […]

Disability Insurance is Essential for Pregnancy Leave from Work

Pregnancy can be an especially challenging time of life for some individuals. There are a range of emotions, physical symptoms, and pressure from society on how to handle a pregnancy. Many professionals feel pressure to continue working through pregnancy and to return to the workplace promptly, even if it is adverse to their health. This is especially true in certain professions where there can be concern about losing clients or patients while needing to take a step back from the workplace due to pregnancy. This is true in the medical field. Pregnancy can also be a risky endeavor, with pregnancy-related […]

Physicians Need to Consider Short-Term Disability Insurance Offerings for Themselves and Staff at Their Practice

Running any business comes with challenges, and operating a successful medical practice is no exception. It is necessary to consider the details and policies specific to the medical profession in order to protect patients and their private information. However, those in charge of a medical practice cannot ignore the regular business components that keep a business running smoothly. This includes hiring and retaining the staff necessary to keep your medical practice functional. One consideration in attracting the staff necessary for your medical practice is providing a compensation package to attract and successfully employ medical staff including physicians, nurses, and other […]

Covid Variants in 2023 Continue to Pose Disability Risks to Physicians

Dec 29, 2023 in COVID-19 by

COVID variants have presented many challenges for our medical system. In addition to coping with unknown transmission methods and rates as well as varying symptoms over the years, protecting our community from pandemic levels of disease becomes a paramount focus despite the limited information initially at hand of a new variant. All of this continues to put strain on our doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers. Sometimes this strain becomes so great that our medical professionals become unable to work due to a disabling condition. COVID has disabled doctors in many ways. Some medical professionals suffer due to exposure to […]

COPD Diagnosis & Treatment Updates May Impact Disability Insurance Claims

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a serious respiratory disease affecting approximately 16 million Americans, in addition to many more who suffer despite not having a diagnosis. COPD drastically affects one’s ability to carry out daily tasks, let alone continuing in a high-stress, high-functioning career like the medical field. Physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals need to have a certain level of physical fitness to complete the long shift work and the physically demanding tasks necessary to provide medical care to their patients. Due to the physical limitations caused by COPD, many doctors are unable to continue practicing medicine. To […]

Surgeons Face Disabling Mental Health Conditions and Suicide Risk

A medical career as a surgeon is extremely demanding. After years of study in medical school, hopeful graduates spend many more years studying as surgical residents and undergoing intense training and occupational stress. This stress can lead to a number of medical conditions ranging from physical fatigue and exhaustion, injury or psychiatric and psychological impairments. While the medical community is raising awareness of these impediments to practicing medicine, more needs to be done to protect our surgeons.  As a community, we need to work together to ensure those taking care of our medical needs are not left to fend for […]

Help is Available for Doctors Suffering From Substance Use Disorder

We hear about the consequences of substance use and abuse frequently. From news reports, television shows, podcasts, and anecdotal stories, the prevalence of substance use and abuse is difficult to avoid. Unfortunately, substance use can develop into something debilitating: Substance Use Disorder.  Substance Use Disorder, or SUD, is actually a neuropsychiatric disorder defined by the American Psychiatric Association as the recurrent use of a drug or alcohol that causes significant functional impairment, including the inability to fulfill responsibilities at work. For physicians this is extremely dangerous as impairments at work can affect patient safety and medical outcomes, possibly even resulting […]