Need to Appeal a Disability Insurance Claim Denial? The Clock is Running.

After paying premiums for years on your disability insurance policy, receiving a denial of your disability insurance benefits is disheartening. The denial adds to the stress and uncertainty you face while disabled. When you receive a denial notification from your disability insurance company, it is essential to contact a Philadelphia Long Term Disability appeal lawyer as soon as possible.

Timing is Everything

Timing is everything and that is especially true when it comes to appealing your disability insurance denial. Once you are notified of the denial, you only have 180 days to file your appeal. If you miss this window, you could lose out on Long Term Disability Insurance benefits. 

The sooner you notify a Philadelphia Long Term Disability appeal lawyer about your denial, the sooner your lawyer can begin working to formulate the argument for your appeal, and gather the necessary information, medical records and other documentation to best appeal your denial to your Long Term Disability Insurance company. With only 180 days to file your appeal, the clock is running and every day counts. You want your Long Term Disability lawyer to have every opportunity to fight your Disability Insurance denial, including obtaining information about your disability and crafting a thorough response to the denial. While the Long Term Disability appeal lawyers at Seltzer & Associates can work quickly to appeal your denial, you have to reach out to them first so the process can get started.

Fighting Your Long-Term Disability Insurance Denial

After reviewing your denial notification, your Philadelphia Long Term Disability appeal lawyer will advise how to proceed. With nationwide experience dealing with many disability insurance carriers, Seltzer & Associates is equipped to handle your denial promptly and preserve your claim. Steps to take in fighting your disability insurance denial include extensive reviews and responses:

  • reviewing the denial notification letter; 
  • reviewing the policy; 
  • reviewing the insurance record in your disability insurance claim; 
  • reviewing your medical records; 
  • responding to the denial as appropriate and within the required time frame; and
  • supplementing the disability insurance company’s administrative file with additional medical evidence of your physical and mental restrictions and limitations that prevent you from working.

After reviewing and assessing your complete file, your Philadelphia Long Term Disability appeal lawyer will continue to work with your disability insurance carrier during the appeal process, demonstrating how your inability to work fits in the appropriate policy definitions and why your disability insurance carrier should approve your claim. If necessary, expert opinions regarding your disability, and restrictions and limitations will be submitted to your disability insurance company as well.

Even after supplementing your disability insurance claim file and articulately explaining why your disability insurance denial should be reversed, some disability insurance companies do not reverse the decision. In this instance your long term disability lawyer can file a lawsuit for your disability insurance benefits, but only if you adhere to all applicable time limitations in order to preserve your legal rights.

Contact a Philadelphia Long Term Disability Appeal Lawyer

Your disability insurance benefits denial is not the end of the road for your disability insurance claim. A Philadelphia Long Term Disability appeal lawyer at Seltzer & Associates can preserve your claim rights and fight your denial of disability insurance benefits. Do not hesitate to contact Seltzer & Associates to fight your disability insurance denial today.