Why Physician Disability Claims are Frequently Challenged

Unfortunately, doctors are not invulnerable to illness, injury or disability. Doctors and other medical professionals should not have to face these additional challenges alone. If you are a physician or surgeon and your claim for disability insurance benefits has been challenged by your insurance company, contact a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney. Seltzer & Associates has experience fighting disability insurance companies nationwide. When it comes to fighting for our clients, especially our essential medical professionals, we handle claims with the utmost professionalism and care.

Doctors Are Tough Patients, Often Fighting Through the Pain

Doctors, with special knowledge in modern medicine, can sometimes be difficult as patients themselves. How can this affect your claim for disability insurance benefits? Doctors may ignore or fight through pain and other symptoms in order to continue working and treating patients. We know that doctors are determined to serve their patients, but this resolve can create issues for the ill or injured doctor who is incapable of practicing medicine. Even limited work activities such as examining patients or consulting on cases can become a cause for dispute with your insurance company. A disability insurer may challenge a claim despite clear evidence of diminished work capacity and disability..

Performing minimal, infrequent job duties can be used by the insurance company to challenge a physician’s claim for disability benefits. While evaluating your claim, the insurance company will look to the policy definitions, including own occupation, modified occupation, or any occupation, as applicable, and will seize on any opportunity to deny or terminate a physician’s claim for benefits.

Bias Against Doctors Treating Doctors

There may be a bias against doctors due to preconceived notions that doctors know how to “work” the system or know what an insurance company wants to hear to get a claim approved. This wrongful conduct must be addressed to prevent your disability claim from being prejudiced. 

Insurers may also assume treating doctors will not jeopardize claims for their ill or injured peers. This type of bias wrongfully questions the objectivity and integrity of the treating physician.  This type of bias must also be neutralized to avoid harm to your meritorious disability claim.

Contact a Philadelphia Disability Insurance Attorney

If you have questions about your claim for disability insurance benefits, you should seek guidance from a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney. Do not let the insurance company challenge your claim just because you are a physician. Contact Seltzer & Associates to fight for your disability insurance benefits.