Access to Disability Resources for Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are a great resource to their patients, providing recommendations and treatment plans to address illnesses and conditions afflicting their patients. Years of education and training go into developing medical professionals and achieving the level of knowledge and experience their patients rely upon when they have a health concern. Continuing education, research and development, and networking with other medical professionals create a wealth of information that healthcare providers can utilize, passing on these valuable resources to patients who need it.

Healthcare providers also need access to resources when it comes to their own health and well-being. Whether these resources are in the form of treatment of physical ailments, medication, mental health services, rehabilitative therapy, surgical remedies, or treatment for addiction, healthcare providers deserve the same care they provide their patients. Maintaining their own health allows medical professionals to continue providing care and access to resources for their patients.

In addition to the medical resources so crucial for dealing with a disabling condition, there are other resources that should not be discounted or ignored as part of a comprehensive plan for addressing a disability. These include support groups for patients, caregivers, and other family members. Additionally, disability insurance benefits are another resource that physicians and other medical providers need to pay attention to for their own well-being. 

Disability insurance benefits are vital in providing financial security when a disabling condition prevents medical professionals from maintaining their medical careers. Unfortunately, disability insurance companies do not make it easy for high-earning medical professionals to access these resources, frequently denying or cutting off disability insurance benefits to high-earning professionals. This is why working with an experienced disability insurance lawyer is essential to securing your disability insurance benefits. Seltzer & Associates has decades of experience working with disability insurance companies across the nation. We handle our clients’ disability insurance claims with the same dedication and care as they give their patients. 

Receiving Treatment for Disabling Conditions is Important for Physicians Too

Reaching out for medical advice or treatment for their own disabling condition can be challenging for physicians as they do not want to face the reality of new limitations due to physical disabilities or the stigma of seeking help for mental health or addiction. Seltzer & Associates understands the challenges physicians face in receiving treatment for their own disability and also the importance of seeking treatment. Notably, a lack of appropriate care is a reason disability insurance companies terminate or deny disability insurance benefits. 

Not treating a disabling condition will only worsen the suffering experienced. While there are challenges with scheduling treatment due to physician shortages, it is imperative to stay on top of your treating physicians and drive your own care. Just as your patients may be referred to or offered a patient advocate to manage their care and guide them through treatment plans, a patient advocate is a resource you can utilize on your own treatment journey for your disabling condition.

Seeking Treatment for Mental Health and Addiction

Many doctors and other medical professionals are hesitant to seek treatment for mental health disorders or addiction. These conditions are serious and treatment should not be taken lightly. While there is still a stigma surrounding psychiatric impairments and addiction, these are real, disabling conditions and there are resources for treatment as well as disability insurance benefits to help you receive the medical care you need. While disability insurance companies may argue that these are not disabling conditions, treating physician reports and our experience in representing clients with disabling mental health conditions or addiction have demonstrated that disability insurance benefits are eligible to be paid to claimants suffering from these conditions.

Even professional associations are working to overcome the stigma of seeking treatment and support for mental health conditions so that doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare providers will seek the treatment they need without fear of criticism or damage to their professional reputation. Other professions have also started to publicize resources for those needing assistance or treatment for mental health conditions and addiction, including the American Bar Association and other local associations.

Your Disability Insurance Lawyer Is Your Resource 

You do not need to navigate your disability insurance benefits alone. Your disability insurance lawyer is a fantastic resource for insureds seeking disability insurance benefits. Your disability insurance lawyer is the ultimate resource for understanding the legal processes involved when claimants encounter challenges with their disability insurance claim. From reading and explaining policy clauses to transitioning your benefits from one policy provision to another based on your disability status, Seltzer & Associates can guide you along the way.

Some areas of disability insurance claims that may present challenges include:

It is especially important to have a disability insurance lawyer when it comes to taking legal action against a disability insurance company. Examples of where legal proceedings are more likely to be necessary include:

Selzer & Associates will evaluate your claim and help you make sense of the confusion your disability insurance company will throw your way in an attempt to avoid paying you your rightful disability insurance benefits and continue fighting for your rights. 

Additional Disability Resources for Physicians and Other Professionals

In an effort to further aid our clients in their pursuit of disability insurance benefits, Seltzer & Associates has compiled some resources clients may find helpful. These resources include state insurance departments and national disability resources, some of which are targeted to various medical professions such as physicians or dentists. Of course, your disability insurance lawyer is a great resource for you as well.

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