Back Injuries Hurt Physicians and Their Patients

Back injuries are a common health problem. Our spines are responsible for so much of our mobility and activities of daily life. When someone experiences a back injury, it may be immediately disabling or become disabling over time. When back injuries are compounded, pain and limited mobility can quickly become a completely disabling condition. 

People have different tolerances and experiences when it comes to pain and limited physical capacity.  It may be difficult to identify precisely when a condition reaches the point of becoming disabling.  Thus, it is critical that injured doctors seek medical advice and appropriate care for these issues when they arise.  Physicians dealing with the aftermath of back injuries can become incapable of safely providing care to patients.

The progression of back injury symptoms can become limiting and intolerable. If a back injury causes you to cease your practice of medicine, you need to let your lawyer know so that you can discuss a potential claim for disability insurance benefits. Seltzer & Associates has experience helping clients suffering from back injuries and disorders obtain disability insurance benefits. 

Ongoing Struggles Due to Back Injury

Back injuries can result in severe, chronic back pain. In some cases, this necessitates ongoing treatment which can keep physicians out of work for long periods of time. Surgery, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and occupational therapy are treatments that can disrupt a return to full-time work in the medical profession. For severe back pain, your treating physician may prescribe pain medications with significant side effects that can impair your cognitive function and cause other physical issues. 

Dealing With Limitations Due to Back Injuries 

Dealing with physical limitations due to back injuries can be frustrating, especially if you are attempting to work through the pain. In some cases, adjustments can be made to the work environment to avoid aggravating back injuries and reduce back pain, such as using ergonomic assistive devices. However, a back injury may still prevent you from fully meeting the demands of your medical career.

You should seek appropriate treatment when dealing with a back injury and respect your body’s limitations. Ultimately, attempting to continue working while impaired can further aggregate your injury, worsen your overall prognosis, and delay recovery that would allow you to resume your daily activities. When physicians do not address back injuries appropriately, they may put patients at risk as well. Your lawyer can help you prove your disability insurance claim when a back injury prevents you from safely practicing medicine.

Back Injuries May Result in Residual or Partial Disability for Physicians 

When suffering from chronic back pain or repeated back injuries, you may be able to return to another type of work with fewer physical demands. If you cannot return to your work full-time, you may still qualify for partial or residual disability insurance benefits. The concept of residual disability benefits can be confusing. Generally, residual disability involves being able to perform your own occupation, though in a reduced capacity due to disability, or being able to perform some but not all of your material and substantial duties. Physicians should be able to work the appropriate amount relative to their limitations due to back injury. Doctors should not be forced to return to work conditions sure to exacerbate their existing back problems. As your situation develops, you can rely on Seltzer & Associates to fight for you by helping obtain any disability insurance benefits owed to you.

Pursuing Short-Term Disability Benefits for Back Injuries

Short-term disability benefits provide financial relief in the near term for shorter periods of time when you become unable to work due to a back injury.  Short-term disability benefits should bridge the gap until you qualify for long-term disability benefits. In some instances, you may be dealing with multiple disability insurance companies for your short-term and long-term disability claims. Your lawyer can help you understand the terms of your policies so you can present the proof necessary to each insurance company. 

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