Client Spotlight: A Philadelphia Disability Insurance Attorney for ER Doctors

Emergency room doctors are under an incredible amount of pressure in their medical practice. Emergency rooms are frequently crowded with patients facing serious, life-threatening situations. An unexpected complication for an emergency room doctor is becoming disabled and being unable to work. When this happens, a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney can help restore an ER doctor’s financial security and well-being by pursuing the doctor’s disability insurance benefits. 

At Seltzer & Associates, we have substantial experience and insight into numerous disabling conditions facing physicians. We understand how insurance companies handle disability benefits claims nationwide, and we are familiar with the particular roles and expectations of ER doctors.

Our Dedication to Emergency Physicians

Just as physicians serve their patients with dedication to solve their medical issues, Seltzer & Associates is dedicated to solving our clients’ disability insurance issues. We handle disability insurance claims through all stages. Maintaining disability insurance benefits is just as important as the initial approval. Insurance companies will try to terminate and deny claims, but we continue to fight for our clients so they can obtain the benefits they are due. Throughout the disability insurance claim process, you will need to supplement and update the record explaining why you are still entitled to receive your disability insurance benefits, as well as continue your medical treatment and explain the limitations that are keeping you out of work. Every step of the way, you can count on Seltzer & Associates to fight for your disability insurance benefits.

Understanding and appreciating the demands of physician clients’ experience in the workplace, especially emergency physicians, is something that sets us apart. Do not let your medical emergency turn into a financial emergency. Let a dedicated Philadelphia disability insurance attorney handle your disability insurance claim and provide you peace of mind. 

ER Doctors and their Own Occupation

In long term disability insurance policies, a common distinction made is between a client’s own occupation and any occupation. For emergency room doctors, defining “own occupation” can be complicated due to the many responsibilities facing these physicians. Working with a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney can help you properly define your occupation duties and communicate this to your disability insurance company. With the help of your disability insurance lawyer, you can make sure all of your disability insurance paperwork and medical records for your claim are in order so you can secure your disability insurance benefits. 

Emergency room doctors may be told by the insurance company that they are being moved to the “any occupation” evaluation due to the policy definitions. If this happens it is especially important to work with a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney, who can help you prove that you are also not able to work in any gainful capacity, whatsoever.

Contact a Philadelphia Disability Insurance Attorney

ER doctors do not hesitate to take action. If you are disabled and unable to work, you need to contact a Philadelphia disability insurance attorney at Seltzer & Associates to discuss your claim for disability insurance benefits.