Dealing with Disability: Transitions in Your Medical Career

Suffering from a disabling condition brings many challenges. Most people experience a noticeable change in physical and/or cognitive ability when suffering from a disabling condition. Mental health and emotional well-being often decline with the daily struggle of coping with a disabling medical condition. The inability to perform certain tasks, participate in regular activities, and maintain a medical career with a disabling condition can become frustrating.

While you may have little or no control over the recovery process, having disability insurance benefits can provide replacement income while you are unable to work as you had pre-disability. Your disability insurance benefits can provide financial peace of mind while you are unable to work. Whether you are permanently disabled, never able to return to work again, or in an ever-changing state of health due to your disability, your disability insurance benefits should be there for you when you need them. When pursuing disability insurance benefits, you can rely on your disability attorney to help you understand any benefits to which you are entitled. Seltzer & Associates has decades of experience securing disability insurance benefits for doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other medical professionals. Let Seltzer & Associates guide you through your disability insurance claim process when your medical career changes due to disability. 

Leaving the Medical Field Due to Disability

Leaving any job due to disability is difficult. Loss of income should not cause you further stress as you cope with the changes to your health. Securing income while unable to work is why disability insurance coverage is so important, especially for high-income individuals. With the specialization and performance requirements of doctors, a disability can easily prevent them from working in their occupation and can necessitate temporary or even permanent leave from the medical field. Your attorney can help you ease the transition out of the medical field with the financial support of disability insurance benefits so you can focus on your well-being. Seltzer & Associates has your back during these challenging times.

Maintaining Your Disability Insurance Benefits

Having an experienced disability attorney with you every step of the way as you pursue your claim is important. One way in which your disability insurance lawyer can help you is to ensure your disability insurance benefits are properly secured and maintained. Your lawyer can help you with proper claim maintenance to avoid your benefits being improperly terminated.

Attempting to Work: What Does Your Disability Insurance Policy Cover?

Just as each person’s medical condition and disability are unique, your disability insurance claim should be evaluated with a view toward your individual circumstances. The way your restricted or limited abilities prevent you from practicing medicine, or working at all, will differ from every other claimant. An insurance adjuster will evaluate your claim for disability insurance benefits according to company metrics, attempting to put multiple claims into a single category, which if often unrealistic. We know that despite objective evidence of a disability, not all situations are the same. 

You may reach a point in your disability claim where you have improved enough to attempt a return to work. This return to work should comply with any ongoing restrictions or limitations. Some people will attempt to return to a limited or less demanding medical practice. For example, you may be able to work shorter shifts or with certain accommodations. You also may only be able to handle certain types of medical cases. Your insurance company may ultimately find you partially disabled in these circumstances.

You may also be able to work full time but not in the same occupation or capacity which you previously worked. For example, a surgeon may not regain the ability to perform surgeries but may be able to consult on cases or teach medical students. Thus, you may not be able to perform your own occupation, though you could potentially work in another occupation. Your attorney can help you understand your disability insurance coverage, including the policy definitions of disability such as your own occupation or any occupation.

Transitioning Back To Work  

If you attempt a return to your pre-disability medical practice, it is important to have a plan that is conducive to your state of health. Rushing a return to work can result exacerbate illness or cause further injury, and it can put patients at risk. If your benefits are terminated under these circumstances, your attorney may be able to appeal the adverse decision.

You should exercise caution when returning to work with a disabling condition, and you should always consult with your treatment team. During this period, your attorney will help you make sure your disability insurance benefits are not prematurely terminated and that you are receiving the proper benefit payments. Be kind to yourself should you transition back to your medical practice.

Discuss Your Disability Insurance Claim Today

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