Dealing with the Holidays and Your Disability Insurance Claim

Accidents, illnesses, and disabilities can occur at any time of the year. While there is no good time to experience any of these setbacks, the holidays may present a particular set of challenges while dealing with your disability insurance claim, especially if it is new to you. Regardless of the time of year, Seltzer & Associates is available to handle your claim for disability insurance benefits and guide you through this time of uncertainty. 

Leaving Your Medical Practice Behind at the Holidays

As a physician, you may be concerned about how your absence from your practice will affect your colleagues, staff, and patients. With approaching holidays and many people taking time off for their personal celebrations, you may feel an internal pressure to try and cover patient care before you are ready to return to work. While an attempt to work may not invalidate your disability insurance benefits if you have residual or partial disability insurance coverage, you need to put your health and well-being first and not rush yourself back to work or worse, defy your own treating physician’s orders on not returning to work. Take the holiday time to recuperate, adhere to your treatment plan, and focus on your own health.

Maintaining Your Disability Treatment Through the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, it may be difficult to schedule your treatment, therapy, or other maintenance appointments. Other physicians and medical providers have limited hours throughout the holiday season and may only be able to take last-minute appointments for urgent medical needs. Schedule your appointments well in advance if possible, make sure you have a plan to ensure your medications are available, and know how to contact your treating physician’s office or where to go in their absence should there be an unexpected or serious need to be seen as soon as possible.

If you are traveling, even for a nearby celebration, make sure you will be able to complete your physical therapy or occupational therapy exercises, rest as needed, take your prescribed medications, and follow any other instructions from your doctor. If a routine appointment is needed, but you plan to be away from home during the holidays you can look into teel health options with your medical provider. Though this will not work in every situation, it may bridge what would otherwise be a gap in your routine disability treatment

You should also inform your doctor or pharmacist that you will be away from home. That way if there is an emergency there will be some knowledge of your location so your urgent care can be promptly administered, prescriptions transferred, and records requested as needed. If you do need urgent care while away from your regular doctors, make sure to let your treating physician know where you received care so that any records can be added to your chart. 

It is also a good idea to have post-holiday medical care scheduled in advance. Coming back from the holidays can be chaotic for many offices, and you do not want to unnecessarily delay your care. Of course, any issues with your disability insurance company can be referred to your disability insurance attorney to handle on your behalf. 

Discussing Your Disability With Friends and Family

If your disability is a relatively new part of your life, you may be seeing friends and family who are not familiar with your current status, or you may meet new people who are not aware of your disability. You need to decide how much and with whom you want to share your personal details. 

Loved ones may express an interest in understanding more about your disabling condition out of care for you. It might be beneficial to have a listing of resources available where they can find appropriate research or advice on how to be supportive of you. If there has been a noticeable change in your status of an ongoing disability, explaining the changes may help them prepare to accommodate your needs.

Holidays and gatherings can be naturally stressful times. It is important to set boundaries with friends and family you may be seeing over the holidays. If you are not comfortable discussing your absence from work, your treatment, or your disability insurance claim during a holiday celebration that is perfectly fine. Express your boundaries in a way with which you are most comfortable. Your healthcare provider may have suggestions on how to set these boundaries so you can maintain your privacy. If you have an active support system helping you through your disabling diagnosis, you may be able to lean on them to help you set a boundary of discussion for holiday events.

Recognizing and Avoiding Situations That May Exacerbate Your Disability 

There may be certain situations that occur during the holidays that would be detrimental to your health while you are suffering from a disabling condition. For example, some families may participate in strenuous activities such as sports or hiking that a disabled member may not be able to participate in. If your condition has altered your diet, for example, Crohn’s Disease, you should plan and discuss an appropriate alternative to maintain your health. Recognizing and explaining your physical limitations if you have any due to your disability may help your loved ones understand your situation and may even prompt new and more inclusive traditions. 

If you are suffering from psychiatric or psychological impairments, you need to consider if there are holiday events that may make your condition worse. For example, someone who suffers from PTSD may need to decide if certain environments would trigger an adverse response, or someone with anxiety may need to make arrangements for alternate plans to reduce anxiety. Another difficult scenario to navigate during the holidays can be celebrations where intoxicating substances will be available. This can be especially difficult for those suffering from addiction. Recognize what situations you should avoid this holiday season and do your best to take care of your health needs during this busy time.

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