How ERISA May Affect Your Long Term Disability Benefits

Insurance companies do not make it easy for their insureds to obtain long term disability benefits. Complex filing procedures and continued proof of loss requirements may give insurance companies opportunities to deny or terminate your benefits. When you are unable to work and are suffering from a disabling condition, the last thing you want to do is engage in battle with your insurance company over your long term disability insurance benefits. However, a Philadelphia ERISA benefits lawyer can handle your claim as well as any ERISA issues, disability insurance denials or terminations.

Insurance companies are, first and foremost, profit-seeking businesses. Though they do provide a product and a service, they are interested in protecting company revenue and assets by scrutinizing claims to reduce losses. While rules and policies are necessary to ensure contracts are not exploited, these same policies can be used to further reduce expenses through claim denials and terminations despite insureds being entitled to long term disability benefits. 

There are laws and insurance regulations that may affect your disability insurance benefits. One better-known yet difficult to understand law is the Employment Retirement Income Security Act of 1975, also known as ERISA. This law can be difficult to navigate, especially when faced with the stressors placed on you by illness or injury. However, working with a Philadelphia ERISA benefits lawyer from Seltzer & Associates can help you protect your long term disability insurance benefits.

Where Does a Physician’s ERISA/LTD Claim Go?

Of course, reinstatement of benefits or compensation for improperly denied coverage can be resolved without the courts, however, it may require litigation to reach a final resolution. As such, an ERISA lawsuit may be necessary for your long term disability claim. Since ERISA is a federal law, ERISA conflicts generally end up in federal court for resolution. In addition to complex federal procedures, the insured may need to prove there was an abuse of discretion by the insurance company. Due to the complex nature of ERISA claims, it is imperative to have a Philadelphia ERISA benefits lawyer fight for your right to disability insurance benefits. Seltzer & Associates is prepared to discuss your claim for disability insurance benefits and assess any ERISA issues that may arise.

Why You Need a Philadelphia ERISA Benefits Lawyer

Disability insurance claims begin with a review of the insurance policy and the facts and circumstances of an insured’s claim. Reviewing the policy terms and definitions is a critical piece of the claim evaluation.  It is also essential to evaluate any denials or terminations of long term disability insurance benefits within the legal construct of ERISA. 

You do not want to be without experienced counsel in a fight for your disability insurance benefits.

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