Medical Complications Affect Long-Term Disability Claims

Disabling conditions present complexities to anyone suffering from a disabling illness or injury. From medical treatment and diagnosis to managing daily activities of living, disabling conditions bring many challenges. Add on to those challenges that disabling conditions often prevent working and earning income, those suffering from a disabling condition have a lot to overcome. Fortunately, disability insurance benefits can provide financial security to insureds who are unable to work due to disability. Doctors and other high-earning medical professionals need to protect their future by contracting for these benefits in advance and pursuing disability insurance benefits when illness or injury prevents their continued medical career. You have worked hard for your career and the life you have built. Your medical complications have already disrupted your career – do not let a disability take away your financial security.  

When you suffer from a disabling condition that prevents you from working, you need to seek disability insurance benefits. This should be a simple and straightforward process, as your policy will dictate coverage and benefits, but unfortunately, policy terms often complicate the claims process and result in denials or terminations of disability insurance benefits. This is when it is essential to have a disability insurance lawyer on your side. Seltzer & Associates understands the challenges our high-earning professional clients face from their disability insurance companies as well as the obstacles encountered in obtaining disability insurance benefits that arise from medical complications of disabling conditions. You can depend on Seltzer & Associates to work with you through these challenges and pursue the disability insurance benefits you deserve.

Insurance companies have many rules and regulations that can result in denials or terminations of disability insurance benefits that disabled claimants are entitled to receive. Additional complexities of medical complications do not make the claims process any easier. Whether the complication is due to comorbidities, side effects of treatment, or delays in treatment, this could affect your claim for disability insurance benefits. Due to policy definitions, exclusions, and time limits, you could be wrongfully denied your disability insurance benefits if the medical complications skew or confuse your claim record despite the severity of your disability. Do not let the insurance companies use weak justification to withhold your disability insurance benefits. Contact Seltzer & Associates to overcome these disability insurance claims challenges today.

When Medical Treatment Becomes Disabling

Treating a disabling condition can be intense. Part of the ongoing requirements to retain disability insurance benefits is to maintain appropriate care. There are a variety of treatment options available, and the appropriate treatment plan depends on the individual case. Some of these treatment plans result in prolonged recovery and absences from work due to:

  • Surgery
  • Medication side effects, including resulting addiction to medication used in the treatment of a disabling condition
  • Physical or occupational therapy
  • Mental health services 
  • Rehabilitation for physical 

These treatments are necessary, but delays in reporting treatment status to the insurance company can complicate and affect your receipt of disability insurance benefits. 

Additionally, as treatments progress and claimants experience periods of recovery that allow them to return to work in some capacity, the claim will be evaluated for policy definitions that will either allow you to continue receiving disability insurance benefits based on your current status or cut these benefits off, such as evaluating for own and any occupation and total and residual disability status. 

Doctors and other medical professionals need to consider these additional provisions carefully when contracting for and applying for their disability insurance benefits. The thoroughness and completeness of your claim are imperative to your success. Seltzer & Associates can help you with your long-term disability insurance benefits application as well as continue to offer guidance throughout the life of your claim.

Multiple Diagnoses Can Affect Your Disability Insurance Benefits

Many disabling conditions come with symptoms that can lead to other illnesses or injuries. For example, coronary artery disease can lead to an overall weakening of the body and cardiovascular blockages leading to stroke. The stroke itself can be a qualifying disability for approval of disability insurance benefits, but so can coronary artery disease. If one of these resolves yet you remain unable to work due to the other condition, will your disability insurance company maintain your benefits? If you otherwise meet the requirements for disability status, you should continue receiving disability insurance benefits, but a change in one disabling condition could result in an erroneous termination. 

Your claim for disability insurance benefits should be evaluated according to the limitations that prevent you from working along with all medical diagnoses, but having a primary or secondary designation could lead to termination. For example, a policy may have a limitation on the length of time your disability insurance company will provide disability insurance benefits for a qualifying mental health condition, yet the claimant may be entitled to retain their disability insurance benefits due to physical debilitating conditions and ongoing treatment. However, depending on the claim analysis and evaluation, a complex medical record may result in an unjust termination of benefits. Your disability insurance lawyer can help you appeal these decisions and restore the benefits you rely upon while unable to work due to disability.

Continued Proof of Loss Can Be Complex

As explained, multiple medical conditions, treatments, and prognoses can complicate your disability insurance claim. One of the ways to ensure your claim remains on track is to have an experienced long-term disability insurance attorney handle and maintain your claim for disability insurance benefits. Seltzer & Associates has ample experience working with your medical providers to ensure your disability insurance company has applicable medical records, objective evidence of the disability, treatment notes, and the opinion of treating physicians necessary to complete your disability record. Additionally, tests and evaluations such as functional capacity tests can provide the necessary proof of loss your disability insurance company needs to approve your claim for disability insurance benefits.

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