Physicians with Breast Cancer Need Support for Disability Insurance Benefits

Cancer of any kind can be a scary diagnosis. Even doctors facing a cancer diagnosis can have fear about what this means for their health, their life, and their careers. Breast cancer is disrupting to medical careers, with treatment taking sufferers out of the workforce while undergoing a host of treatments. 

Though it is more common for women to be diagnosed with breast cancer, men can still suffer from this disease. Approximately 300,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2023, with just shy of 3,000 of those people being men. Throughout diagnosis and treatment, both men and women need support for breast cancer. This includes the financial support that disability insurance benefits provide. 

Disability insurance benefits provide replacement income when a disabling condition prevents the disabled insured from working. This contracted benefit can provide peace of mind and financial security to those facing a loss of income due to disability. However, disability insurance benefits are not automatic. In fact, obtaining the disability insurance benefits to which you are entitled under the provisions of the contract can be challenging. Not only are there deadlines for filing and supplementing your disability insurance record, but definitions and provision requirements in the policy that can make obtaining your benefits difficult. There are also frequent denials and terminations of benefits. These reasons are why it is so important to work with an experienced disability insurance lawyer as you pursue your disability insurance benefits for breast cancer. 

Seltzer & Associates represents clients nationwide in their fight for disability insurance benefits. We understand the immense pressure physicians and other medical professionals face to maintain their medical careers and how devastating it can be to lose your career while battling for your health. Let Seltzer & Associates help you secure the disability insurance benefits that can provide you financial peace of mind so you can focus on your treatment for breast cancer.

Doctors Can Fight Against Determinations Denying or Terminating Disability Insurance Benefits

Since there are different phases of treatment and disease progression for breast cancer, some people may not realize when they are entitled to these benefits. Doctors should make their claim for disability insurance benefits when their condition is at the point where they cannot maintain working in the medical field. This will vary from person to person as treatment will be different depending on the stage and prognosis of the breast cancer diagnosis.

Some people accept a denial of disability insurance benefits because they do not understand their policy or their rights to appeal an unfavorable decision. Since there are different treatment protocols for breast cancer with different limiting and debilitating side effects, you should not take a denial at face value. Similarly, as you progress through treatment phases, your disability insurance company may terminate your disability insurance benefits, deeming you able to return to work under their framework of evaluation. Unfortunately, the disability insurance company has a financial incentive to cut disability insurance benefits to their insureds. Do not let the disability insurance company force you in a position of returning to work before it is time! Your treating physician and disability insurance attorney can help you fight this so you can continue focusing on your health and well-being. 

Your treating physician can provide the medical evidence and reports necessary as you continue your treatment for breast cancer. Your disability insurance lawyer can use this proof to appeal an unfavorable decision of your disability insurance company. Your treating physician and disability insurance lawyer have your best interest in mind. You can rely on Seltzer & Associates to continue fighting for your disability insurance benefits as you fight breast cancer. 

Do Not Forget About Short Term or Partial Disability Insurance Coverage

Some breast cancer patients may think that they are not eligible for disability insurance benefits if their time away from work for breast cancer treatment will be a short period of time or if they have attempted to return to work in a limited capacity. You and your disability insurance lawyer would need to review your policy to determine your eligibility, but you would likely be able to claim short-term disability benefits in the early days of treatment for breast cancer. Short-term disability insurance benefits will provide coverage prior to the start of long-term disability benefits, which usually take months to become effective. 

Additionally, there may be times when you can return to work in a limited capacity or for a limited amount of time. Some disability insurance policies allow for these return-to-work attempts or even for partial work schedules and duties. Your disability insurance lawyer can help you review your policy for partial or residual disability insurance coverage

These attempts to return to your medical career could be due to interim periods between chemotherapy or radiation treatments or in between surgical procedures. Breast cancer treatment can take time and your individual protocols may change over time to best address the progression of your breast cancer. You may be well enough to return to work in some capacity or for a short period of time, but the next phase of treatment could once again prevent you from working. What you do not want to happen is for these attempts at returning to work to jeopardize your future disability insurance benefits should additional medical treatment for breast cancer which prevents you from working at all be necessary. 

You should not be penalized by your disability insurance company for a good-faith attempt to return to work if your treating physician allows this and your breast cancer treatment also allows for this attempt. Conditions change and treatments need to follow the appropriate timeline which could result in multiple disruptions to maintaining a medical career. Seltzer & Associates has worked with insurance companies to make sure our clients have the disability insurance coverage they contracted for so they can continue managing their breast cancer diagnosis. 

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