Prediction: Long-Term Disability Claims Will Rise After COVID-19

COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. Millions of people have been infected with coronavirus, and the long-term effects are still widely unknown. One prediction is likely to come true: long-term disability claims will rise after COVID-19. Whether your disability stems from COVID-19 or another source, a Philadelphia long-term disability insurance attorney at Seltzer & Associates is ready to discuss your claim for disability insurance benefits today.

Ask a Philadelphia Long-Term Disability Claim Attorney: Why Might Long-Term Disability Claims Rise After COVID-19?

While we have learned quite a bit about the novel coronavirus over the last several months, our growing knowledge has also increased the number of questions regarding this disease and how patients are affected long-term. The severity of effects from coronavirus varies greatly, with some patients being completely asymptomatic while others are hospitalized with complications for months. With only several months of post-infection data available, we still do not know the full impact COVID-19 will have on survivors. 

Coronavirus patients may recover from the initial illness and symptoms within a few days or weeks. These anecdotal cases may fill us with optimism for widespread recovery, but these cases do not tell the complete tale. After treatment and further testing, coronavirus patients may find themselves classified as recovered, but being “recovered” does not provide a complete picture of health. 

After COVID-19, survivors can find themselves struggling to perform essential daily functions as they have suffered damage to their brain, lungs, heart, musculoskeletal system and may be susceptible to other diseases. A number of COVID-19 patients also suffer from other diseases, the comorbidities of which further weaken their overall health and can become so debilitating that they cannot return to work for months, if ever. As the world anxiously awaits a breakthrough in combating COVID-19, these observations lead to the prediction that the industry will see an increase in coronavirus long-term disability claims.

Additional Risks for Healthcare Professionals 

Every Philadelphia long-term disability claim attorney at our firm has experience representing surgeons, physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals when they are suffering from disabling medical conditions. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have addressed questions and concerns regarding the potential “risks” presented to those suffering from underlying medical issues that could prove fatal if exposed to COVID-19. 

While disability insurance companies have been bracing for the onslaught of COVID-19 related claims and strategizing with legal counsel on ways to mitigate liability, we continue to zealously represent and fight for our clients’ disability insurance benefits when they become unable to work due to disabling conditions. As many of our clients put themselves in harm’s way through exposure to any number of infectious diseases simply by going to work and caring for their patients, including coronavirus, we recognize the need to stay on top of emerging trends in the medical and disability insurance fields. 

Contact a Philadelphia Long-Term Disability Claim Attorney

With the increased risk of COVID-19 on our healthcare professionals, we acknowledge additional types of issues insurance companies may utilize to deny disability insurance claims. We recognize this risk to our healthcare professionals and are prepared to continue fighting for their disability insurance benefits in this changing environment. Contact Seltzer & Associates to discuss your disability options with a Philadelphia long-term disability claim attorney.