Repeat Heart Attacks Continue to Debilitate Doctors

Heart attacks can easily take a doctor out of practice. Unfortunately, after an initial heart attack, the heart is weakened and the risk of another heart attack increases. Just as an initial heart attack can prevent doctors from working, a repeat heart attack can further damage the heart muscle making a full recovery impossible.

Suffering additional setbacks while already in recovery from a disabling medical condition can be frustrating and disheartening. Seltzer & Associates has years of experience representing clients who work in high-stress medical careers.

Recognizing Your Risk for Repeat Heart Attacks 

Common risks for a repeat heart attack include existing medical factors such as a history of heart disease, coronary artery disease, and hypertension. There are also behavioral risks such as lack of exercise, smoking, and an unhealthy diet. One in five people who have a heart attack will suffer another, and there are over 300,000 recurrent heart attacks in the United States each year. 

Taking Steps to Reduce Your Risk for Repeat Heart Attack 

Even if you have recently suffered a heart attack, you can take action to prevent a recurrence and lessen other symptoms of heart disease. The best way to reduce your risk of a repeat heart attack is to follow the instructions of your treating physicians and adhere to preventative measures for reducing the risk. It may take some time to adjust to your new diet, routine, or limitations, which will help you regain strength and health. Rehabilitation, therapy, and continued medical care to address heart disease and heart attack risk factors will be key to monitoring your condition, preventing another heart attack, and improving your quality of life.

Working in the Medical Profession While At Risk for Heart Attack

One of the significant risk factors for heart attacks is stress. Stress management is crucial in reducing heart attack risk as well as risk factors for a host of other illnesses that can disable a doctor. Medical professionals experience a high amount of stress in their jobs. In fact, many people cannot return to work in the medical profession after experiencing a heart attack because of the inherently stressful environment. This is when you should discuss a potential claim for disability insurance benefits with your lawyer. Do not let a difficult financial situation add to your stress.. 

If you have returned to work in the medical profession after a heart attack, you should be aware of the limitations your treating physician has placed on you. It might be that you are able to perform some limited tasks, not your full list of duties. Your lawyer can help you understand the specific terms of your disability insurance policy and the ways you might qualify for disability insurance benefits. We will fully evaluate the requirements of the Own vs. Any Occupation definitions and Total and Residual Disability policies as they apply to your claim. 

Overcoming a Failed Return to Work Attempt After a Heart Attack

After a heart attack and recovery, medical professionals are understandably eager to return to work. This eagerness may be driven by financial concerns, which is why promptly securing your disability insurance benefits with the help of your lawyer is imperative. You do not want to rush a recovery only to suffer a recurrence that will set you back even further.

Seltzer & Associates knows that the medical professionals we serve are dedicated to the calling of medicine and helping others. Our clients care for their patients, have a passion for medical research that will help others, and are deeply invested in their work. This commitment to work may push a heart attack victim to return prematurely to the practice of medicine. An early return to work, even in a limited capacity, may prove too physically demanding and result in a recurrence leading to total disability.

You may wonder what happens to your disability insurance benefits if you attempt a return to work and are unable to continue. Your lawyer can help sort this out by reviewing your disability insurance policy and guiding you through the necessary steps to prove your disability and retain your disability insurance benefits.

Suffering From a Repeat Heart Attack

You may have concerns about how a repeat heart attack may affect your disability insurance benefits. Will a repeat occurrence count as an existing condition? Will the insurance company deny your benefits because you experienced the same issue previously and returned to work? These are questions you will need to discuss with your lawyer. Seltzer & Associates has ample experience dealing with any considerations that arise if your insurance company denies or terminates your disability insurance benefits. We will go over your policy in detail and make sure you receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

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