Researchers Seek Answers to Long Covid Brain Fog

Mar 31, 2022 - COVID-19 by

The arrival and progression of Covid has presented challenges worldwide. Those who have suffered from Covid face lingering effects that can affect them physically, mentally, emotionally, and cognitively. As researchers explore the effects of long Covid, they have looked to other areas such as cancer research that have yielded some potential treatments that may help survivors.

Despite advancements in medical research regarding long Covid brain fog, we still have a long way to go. While researchers seek answers and develop viable treatment options, medical professionals who suffer from long Covid may be unable to work due to disabling medical conditions including brain fog. 

Seltzer & Associates represents medical professionals pursuing disability insurance benefits due to debilitating conditions, including Covid. We understand that Covid can have severe symptoms both at the height of infection and well after a patient may be considered recovered, such as Covid brain fog. Do not delay in scheduling a free consultation with a Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer at Seltzer & Associates to discuss your claim for disability insurance benefits due to Covid brain fog and cognitive dysfunction.

Long Covid Cognitive Impairments Affect Doctors

Long Covid can cause brain and nervous system impairments, including reduced cognitive function. Some of these symptoms include confusion, decreased ability to concentrate, memory loss, or general disorganization or unclarity of thoughts and mental processing. In addition to these symptoms, brain fog and neurological impairments can have other side effects such as fatigue, headaches, numbness, tingling, and weakness. Both the mental and physical impairments can affect doctors to the extent that they are unable to practice medicine. Disability insurance benefits may be essential for doctors seeking to replace lost income due to disability from Covid. Working with an experienced Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer is critical to support your claim. 

Hope for Treating Covid Brain Fog 

Researchers continue to gather data and further our understanding of Covid and the resulting conditions affecting survivors. One connection researchers have made is between “chemo brain” and Covid brain fog. As medical researchers continue to develop treatments for chemo brain, there is hope that these medical advancements will lead to treatments for Covid brain fog as well. For example, by studying treatments for chemo brain including treating underlying conditions such as brain inflammation and other cognitive symptoms, medical researchers can explore pharmaceutical and rehabilitative therapies to restore cognitive abilities. 

Discuss Your Covid Case with a Philadelphia Disability Insurance Lawyer

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