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Monthly Archives: April 2023

Heart Attacks Continue to Disrupt Doctors’ Medical Careers

Heart attacks are prevalent in our country. A quick search of the news will promptly yield many stories, articles, or video clips from around the country of people suffering from heart attack and heart disease, physicians developing treatment regimes their physicians institute for reducing the risk of initial or repeat heart attacks, or patients overcoming the odds to survive after their heart attack emergency. Whether these stories are meant to warn the rest of us to pay attention to our own health and monitor risk factors of heart attack or to encourage us that there is hope for recovery after […]

Handling Repeat Long-Term Disability Insurance Claims for Physicians

Long-term disability insurance benefits provide peace of mind by preparing for the event you are unable to keep working due to a disabling condition. Long-term disability insurance policies typically cover a period of time that extends from several months to years as long as the disabling condition exists and the qualifying policy definitions are met by the disabled insured.  Some disabled physicians are able to return to some form of medical practice after receiving extensive medical treatment for their disabling condition. However, recovery from a disabling condition does not protect you from never experiencing a setback or becoming disabled in […]