Heart Attacks Continue to Disrupt Doctors’ Medical Careers

Heart attacks are prevalent in our country. A quick search of the news will promptly yield many stories, articles, or video clips from around the country of people suffering from heart attack and heart disease, physicians developing treatment regimes their physicians institute for reducing the risk of initial or repeat heart attacks, or patients overcoming the odds to survive after their heart attack emergency. Whether these stories are meant to warn the rest of us to pay attention to our own health and monitor risk factors of heart attack or to encourage us that there is hope for recovery after a heart attack, the fact remains that heart attacks are a serious health concern in the United States.

With heart attack and cardiovascular diseases being so common, it is a good idea for anyone but especially physicians to plan in advance for their future financial security by obtaining long-term disability insurance benefits coverage. Heart attacks can happen at any time and adding disability insurance coverage after a heart attack can be challenging and expensive. Even if 

you have appropriate disability insurance coverage, the claims process for your disability insurance benefits can be complex and take significant time for approval. Working with an experienced Philadelphia heart attack attorney on your claim for disability insurance benefits due to a heart attack is vital. 

Doctors and surgeons lead demanding careers, and a severe medical incident such as a heart attack can seriously disrupt their medical practice. Your body needs time to heal and adjust to treatment protocols after a heart attack. You do not want to risk recurrent heart attacks by attempting to work when you are physically not able to do so, nor would you want to place your own patients at risk when you are not able to work at the capacity required of a medical professional.

Claim your disability insurance benefits and do not risk further degradation of your health and career by attempting to work when your disability due to a heart attack is preventing it. Seltzer & Associates has decades of experience helping physicians and other medical professionals pursue their disability insurance benefits when they are unable to continue their medical careers due to a heart attack. Working with a team experienced in obtaining favorable decisions from the disability insurance company is critical to your claim. Let Seltzer & Associates do the heavy lifting with the disability insurance company so you do not have to worry. As a physician, you know your focus should be on rest and recovery after a heart attack. Just as you take care of your patients’ health concerns, Seltzer & Associates takes care of our clients’ legal concerns related to disability insurance benefits.

Doctors Should Not Rush to Return to Their Practice After a Heart Attack

Heart attacks are so prevalent and serious that several organizations in the medical and academic fields, as well as government organizations, conduct studies and report statistics on heart disease, cardiovascular causes of death, and heart attacks each year. Over 800,000 Americans suffer from a heart attack each year in the United States, with approximately a quarter of these episodes being repeat heart attacks. 

Rather than rushing back to their medical practice, doctors should follow the advice and treatment plans of their own physicians. This can result in what seems to be a prolonged absence from the workplace but is medically necessary for recovery. The same drive and determination that allows doctors to excel in their profession also puts them at risk for a premature return to work which threatens their own health and well-being after a heart attack. One way to gently re-enter the medical profession, if it is possible at all, is to entertain a partial and draw upon residual disability insurance benefits which can cover the income lost when you cannot return to all of the material duties of your occupation or cannot maintain the full schedule expected in your role. Since heart attack recoveries are complex, working with a compassionate and knowledgeable Philadelphia heart attack attorney on your claim for disability insurance benefits will help you maximize your resources during recovery.

Is Your Disability Insurance Claim for a Heart Attack or Something Else?

There are many risk factors and conditions that contribute to heart attack. Age, genetic risk factors, and lifestyle risk factors contribute to heart attacks. Additionally, other medical conditions can lead to increased heart attack risk. For example, a correlation between Covid and heart abnormalities has been found and some of those abnormalities are indicative of heart attack. Some people suffering from these disabling conditions may be uncertain about how to proceed with their application for disability insurance benefits. When completing your application and building your claim record, it is important to act quickly so you meet all applicable deadlines as well as be thorough in detailing how your conditions leave you unable to maintain your medical career. This may mean gathering medical evidence and evaluations concerning more than one condition, especially for related conditions such as heart disease or hypertension

An experienced Philadelphia heart attack attorney can help you handle and maintain your disability insurance claim for a heart attack and make sure your claim file is comprehensive and thorough. This added support is especially beneficial when you have multiple contributing conditions to your overall disability status. Seltzer & Associates knows how to communicate with insurance companies, disability claims adjusters, and judges to prove your claim and make sure your disabling heart attack combined with other ailments does not lead to an improper denial of disability insurance benefits.

While you continue to follow your treating physicians’ instructions for recovery from a heart attack, it is important to demonstrate to your disability insurance company that you are continuing to receive appropriate treatment and care for your disability so that your disability insurance benefits are not terminated. Basically, this is another way to demonstrate ongoing disability and an opportunity to receive updated and treating physician statements from your treating physicians, which is necessary for the continuation of your claim. If your disability insurance company happens to terminate your disability insurance benefits despite the evidence of your disability preventing you from returning to work, Seltzer & Associates can appeal the decision for you and work towards a reinstatement of your disability insurance benefits.

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