Handling Repeat Long-Term Disability Insurance Claims for Physicians

Long-term disability insurance benefits provide peace of mind by preparing for the event you are unable to keep working due to a disabling condition. Long-term disability insurance policies typically cover a period of time that extends from several months to years as long as the disabling condition exists and the qualifying policy definitions are met by the disabled insured. 

Some disabled physicians are able to return to some form of medical practice after receiving extensive medical treatment for their disabling condition. However, recovery from a disabling condition does not protect you from never experiencing a setback or becoming disabled in another way. Accidents can result in debilitating injuries and can happen at any time. Latent conditions can become disabling later in life. There could be instances of relapse of a disabling condition after a previous recovery. Unfortunately, anyone can find themselves in a repeat situation of applying for disability insurance benefits due to a disabling condition. When faced with the daunting task of beginning the disability insurance claims process again, it is best to seek the help of an experienced Philadelphia long-term disability lawyer to help you through the process as well as keep your fresh claim organized and up to date.

Long-term disability insurance benefits furnish replacement income when you are no longer earning due to a disability. While this is important for everyone, it becomes extremely important for high earners such as physicians, especially those who may have their own medical practices and expenses that cannot be ignored if the physician becomes disabled and unable to work. Fortunately, there are many types of disability insurance benefits. Disability insurance policies can provide financial security to cover business overhead expenses for a medical practice or replace a physician’s own income. Making sure you have applied for all the disability insurance benefits you are eligible to claim under your policy is important. An experienced Philadelphia long-term disability lawyer can help you from the early steps of applying for disability insurance benefits to taking legal action if necessary. Seltzer & Associates has decades of experience representing physicians and other medical professionals in their pursuit of disability insurance benefits. We know the difficulties that face high-earning physicians in obtaining their disability insurance benefits when they are unable to continue practicing medicine and will diligently pursue a positive outcome for you.

Multiple Disabling Conditions Affect Long-Term Disability Insurance Claims 

Sometimes a person just has bad luck and suffers from multiple illnesses and injuries. At times these conditions can overlap which compounds the severity of the sufferer’s overall condition, further limiting the ability to perform the material duties of their job. While any one condition or limitation may not have enough proof to succeed in a long-term disability insurance claim, the totality of symptoms and limitations qualify for long-term disability insurance benefit coverage. An experienced Philadelphia long-term disability lawyer can help from the beginning stages of your claim through maintaining your claim throughout your disability. This could include reviewing medical records, proving continued loss, and providing statements and evaluations. Seltzer & Associates has experience helping clients with complex medical conditions and comorbidities claim their long-term disability insurance benefits. Whether your multiple conditions are a result of symptoms of your disease or limitations on your capabilities due to treatment and side effects, Seltzer & Associates has your back.

Applying for Long-Term Disability Insurance Benefits After Recovery 

Long-term disability insurance policies provide disability insurance benefits to eligible insureds often for a specified period while unable to work due to a disabling condition. Of course, the goal of medical treatment is to help the disabled patient regain their capability to go about their life again. It is possible that some patients recover from their disabling condition even if it takes months or years. This is wonderful news for those who are able to return to their activities of daily living and in some directions can even return to their careers. Hopefully, the recovered insured had long-term disability insurance benefits to help them through this difficult time prior to recovery.

Unfortunately, some people may experience an additional period of disability after recovering from previous conditions. No matter the type of ailment or progression of your disabling condition, an experienced Philadelphia long-term disability lawyer can make all the difference in your pursuit of disability insurance benefits. Insurance companies may try to deny your claim for disability insurance benefits if they can link it to a pre-existing condition. Seltzer & Associates can build your claim for your new period of disability and fight against any unjust policy interpretations that prevent you from obtaining the disability insurance benefits you deserve.

Repeat instances of disability call for a new claim for disability insurance benefits. This is different from appealing a termination of disability insurance benefits.   If this you are experiencing a recurrence of a prior disabling condition, Seltzer & Associates can help you keep your disability insurance record clear and concise yet comprehensive and differentiate the evidence of each instance so that you receive a fair review from your disability insurance company.

If this is a completely new and unrelated disabling condition, you may not know how to approach this new condition. Your medical treatment and medical records are needed to build your claim record, but the unfamiliarity of this disabling condition may be intimidating. There are other differences among disabling conditions to consider when making your claim for disability insurance benefits. A prior impairment could have been completely physiological in nature or affect a completely separate area of the body, while a subsequent impairment could be predominantly psychiatric or psychological. Seltzer & Associates will help you keep your claim organized and focus on the present claim rather than being sidetracked by previous impairments that have been previously resolved. Keeping your claim organized and properly recorded will help you in your success in obtaining long-term disability insurance benefits for your instant claim. 

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