Building Your Claim for Disability – Do Not Ignore the Little Things

Disability insurance companies are always receiving claims for disability insurance benefits. The analysts and claims adjusters are tasked with the difficult job of evaluating thousands of claims each year and determining which claims are legitimate and should be paid to the claimant. Details are important to these claim evaluations and can make a difference in your pursuit or disability insurance benefits.

There are many potential challenges in building a claim for disability insurance benefits. These include identifying your disabling conditions, explaining how these conditions prevent you from maintaining your medical career as it fits the requirements of your disability insurance policy, and providing proof of disability to your insurance company. All of this can be overwhelming for a claimant who is trying to survive each day while dealing with their decline in health and inability to continue working. This can be especially challenging for professionals who are accustomed to powering through illness and other difficulties to get the job done. However, medical conditions can become so severe that they prevent even the most resilient from working.

Seltzer & Associates has decades of experience working with professionals who have had to stop their careers due to the severity of their disabling conditions. We represent a wide range of professionals, including physicians, dentists, executives, lawyers, accountants, and other medical professionals. We understand that each profession has its unique duties and obligations that may be inhibited by your disabling condition. Sometimes a determination may come down to a small detail of abilities or symptoms that will push a claim to the approval status. Neglecting to include any information in your claim for disability insurance could be detrimental to your success in obtaining your disability insurance benefits. 

Whether you are building your initial claim for disability insurance benefits, maintaining your current disability insurance benefits, appealing a denial or termination, or pursuing litigation to obtain your disability insurance benefits, Seltzer & Associates is equipped to handle your claim. You have contracted with your insurance company to safeguard your financial well-being if you become disabled and unable to work. If a disabling condition is keeping you from working, you need to get an experienced disability insurance benefits lawyer on your side to make sure you do not inadvertently omit any information that would otherwise help your claim. Do not delay in contacting Seltzer & Associates to pursue your disability insurance benefits. 

Creating a Comprehensive Claim for Disability Insurance Benefits

When you become disabled and are unable to maintain your career, it is essential to start the process of applying for disability insurance benefits promptly. There are filing deadlines to meet and information to provide to your insurance company. Working with an experienced disability insurance lawyer on your application can provide peace of mind as you begin your pursuit of disability insurance benefits. 

Another benefit of working with an experienced disability insurance lawyer is that they know the questions to ask to at the beginning of your claims process so that no small details are left unreported. These details can make a difference! For example, you might already be compiling a list of your treating physicians and medications that are part of your treatment plan for your disability, but what you need to express to the insurance company is the scope of your treatment, the limitations you experience from your disability, and specifically how that impacts your ability to maintain your career or practice medicine.

Building your claim is your opportunity to tell your unique story. While it is helpful for claim analysis to state your objective ailments and limitations, your statements can be informative and descriptive and really demonstrate your need for disability insurance benefits. If you have multiple disabling conditions or symptoms that interact with each other, that information is significant in explaining your total picture of health and ability to work. 

This is especially true for your job description – the details of the expectations of your job will give specificity to your claim. Being comprehensive in your job duty description as well as relying on job listings will provide a clear and comprehensive portrayal of the situation you face. Your disability insurance attorney will guide you throughout the claims process and answer your questions regarding building your claim.

Details to Include in Your Claim File for Disability Insurance Benefits

As mentioned, even a small detail can support your claim. In addition to specifying what your limitations are, providing examples in a quantifiable manner allows the insurance company to understand your inability to work and your need for disability insurance benefits. Plenty of people may experience disruptive symptoms from time to time, but if you are at the point of being unable to work, you need to differentiate inconvenient occurrences from disabling symptoms for the insurance company. 

Here are some additional ways you can think about details of your disabling condition to include in your claim for disability insurance benefits: 

  • Do not simply state you need to take frequent breaks from walking, standing, or sitting due to your disability. State how often the maximum amount of time you are able to do one of these things and how often you need to take a break. 
  • If a side effect of your medication is disruptive, draw a connection to how this affects your ability to work based on your job description. For example, if a medication makes you dizzy to the point of not being able to stand and this happens throughout the day, explain how that disrupts your duties and how often it happens in a set period of time. 
  • The statements of your medical team will be critical to include in your claim file, especially as it relates to ongoing treatment and appropriate care. The more quantifiable information that can be included to express the severity of your disability that is keeping you from working, the more complete your claim record will be. Do not be afraid to ask your own clarifying questions about your limitations as your insurance company certainly will ask in a scrutinizing manner.

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