COVID-19 Survivors Experience Additional Health Risks

With over a year of experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, we have the benefit of learning from new information, studying the ever-growing amount of historic COVID-19 data, and learning from our prior understanding of the way this illness affects patients. One thing we have learned is that COVID-19 can result in long-lasting effects, including increased risk for contracting additional diseases or conditions. With these added health risks, COVID-19 sufferers should monitor their conditions and not ignore any signs or symptoms. 

A recent study and review of COVID-19 patients has demonstrated that more severe cases of COVID-19 put sufferers at increased risk for serious illness or even death. The study was able to utilize data comparing COVID-19 cases requiring patient hospitalization or outpatient care, as well as comparing COVID-19 hospitalizations to non-COVID-19 hospitalizations. Following these patients and the data further, researchers were able to reach recent conclusions about increased long-term health risks to COVID-19 survivors.

When long-term health risks occur, sufferers who are unable to maintain work activity may be eligible for disability insurance benefits. Working with a Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer will help you secure the disability insurance benefits to which you are entitled for your disabling conditions, whether related to COVID-19 directly or other comorbidities or conditions. The attorneys at Seltzer & Associates have worked on COVID-19 disability insurance matters as well as a variety of physiological impairments, psychological conditions, and addiction

The Emergence of Long COVID-19

Much consideration has been given to the long-term effects of COVID-19 on patients, both physically and mentally. We have identified the group known as “long-haulers” who experience long lasting effects, and  a new classification has also emerged: Long COVID-19. Some of the health issues that have been observed with Long COVID-19 include respiratory disorders, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

Long COVID-19 survivors should focus on their health management plans and be on the lookout for additional signs and symptoms over time, and communicate any changes to their healthcare providers. While the recent studies look at health risks during the time period one to six months after a COVID-19 diagnosis, we are still learning more about the lingering health risks after this period of time. This can cause additional stress to sufferers, and conditions may worsen or develop after this time frame as well. If you are a Long COVID-19 sufferer and unable to work due to your condition, consulting with a Philadelphia disability insurance lawyer can help you with the process of securing your disability insurance benefits. 

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