Covid Variants in 2023 Continue to Pose Disability Risks to Physicians

COVID variants have presented many challenges for our medical system. In addition to coping with unknown transmission methods and rates as well as varying symptoms over the years, protecting our community from pandemic levels of disease becomes a paramount focus despite the limited information initially at hand of a new variant. All of this continues to put strain on our doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers. Sometimes this strain becomes so great that our medical professionals become unable to work due to a disabling condition.

COVID has disabled doctors in many ways. Some medical professionals suffer due to exposure to COVID and are unable to continue their medical careers due to the disabling effects of long COVID. Other physicians become disabled from COVID due to the anxiety disorders, depression, and PTSD our front-line workers’ experience when caring for COVID patients. Additionally, the Covid pandemic caused many physicians to experience burnout which then further strained our medical community with a shortage of healthcare professionals. 

Whether you are suffering from lingering symptoms from long COVID or have more recently suffered from a new variant of COVID, you may be entitled to disability insurance benefits. It is imperative that you have an experienced disability insurance lawyer work on your COVID disability insurance claim. With recent treatment protocols, a COVID diagnosis may be dismissed as a short-term disease, but we know the symptoms of COVID can be severely debilitating and last for months on end. If you become disabled due to COVID and are unable to practice medicine, you need to file a claim for disability insurance benefits. Do not let Covid take away your health as well as your financial security.  

Seltzer & Associates has decades of experience representing clients in the medical profession in their claims for disability insurance benefits. We stay at the forefront of disability insurance news and shifts in the disability insurance policies in coverage. This includes working on disability insurance claims for clients suffering from COVID since the early days of the pandemic to the present. Our disability insurance attorneys and the whole Seltzer team handle all these claims with dedication, compassion, and concern for our clients. You can rest assured that with Seltzer & Associates on your side, your claim for disability insurance benefits is in good hands. 

New COVID Variants Still Cause Uncertainty in the Medical Field

There are new COVID variants emerging frequently. While we have learned a lot about COVID-19 overall, the uncertainty of how a new variant will behave can create anxiety in our community, including our medical system. The recent JN.1 variant has been dubbed the fastest-growing COVID variant, which is cause for concern. This variant is closely related to the late summer variant, and experts are still learning more about JN.1 and why it is affecting people so quickly and whether preventative measures and treatments are able to adequately fight this particular Covid strain. Medical professionals and COVID researchers will continue to monitor JN.1 and other variants and seek solutions to provide medical care to those suffering from COVID-19. 

Since COVID has been around for a few years, some people have become complacent when thinking about COVID-19. Treatments and vaccines have helped prevent the spread of COVID-19 or treat patients who contract the disease but each new variant of COVID-19 creates uncertainty in how we need to respond. With the quick spread of the JN.1 variant, our physicians and medical professionals need to be aware of the risk of COVID-19 exposure they undertake by working in the medical field, especially since COVID variants can behave in uncertain ways. With the rapid transmission rate and increase in hospitalizations, we do have reason to be concerned about Covid variants and remain vigilant against this disease.

Symptoms of New COVID Variants Remain Similar to Previous Strains

The new strains of COVID-19 have been found to have similar symptoms to initial strains of COVID. While this can help medical professionals treat the symptoms and monitor the progress of the disease in patients, our caregivers need to be aware that each strain of COVID-19 is likely to behave differently. As much as we have learned in recent years, there is still much to learn especially as the virus changes from variant to variant. 

The similarities of COVID-19 variant symptoms may be beneficial when filing a disability insurance claim due to COVID. Knowing the extent to which symptoms can prevent healthcare workers from working can help you understand when you need help, both in the form of medical care for yourself and the assistance of a disability insurance attorney. Being aware of long COVID and its effects is important when applying for long-term disability insurance benefits or even residual disability insurance benefits, depending on what policy clauses are part of your disability insurance contract. Seltzer & Associates can help you with your disability insurance policy questions and will fight for you to secure the disability insurance benefits you deserve.

COVID Variants Continue to Disable Physicians

The takeaway from examining the development of COVID variants is that COVID-19 is still a serious health concern. Our physicians and medical staff continue to put themselves in harm’s way in order to provide their patients medical care for COVID. With the uncertain behavior of each new variant, our medical community must be vigilant to protect themselves and their patients against infection.

Despite successes in COVID research, it continues to disable doctors and healthcare professionals. Do not hesitate to apply for disability insurance benefits if the disease has stopped you from continuing your medical career. Whether COVID has disabled you with brain fog, mental disorders, or physical limitations, your disability insurance benefits should provide you with financial security and peace of mind. Do not hesitate to file your disability insurance claim, and rely on your disability insurance lawyer to help you through this process.

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